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Hen Do Bucket List – Hen Party Challenges

Regardless of how many awesome, unique and memorable activities you do on your hen do, no event is complete without a Hen Night Bucket List Challenge. What is a Hen Night Bucket List Challenge we hear you ask; well it’s a list of naughty, embarrassing, fun, silly and often outrageous dares and challenges that the Bride-To-Be and her lucky group of bridesmaids must complete during the trip. The list can be as risqué and elaborate or as tame and simple as you and the group feel is appropriate but to help you on your way, we’ve included 25 of our favourite challenges below.

1. Snog a bald/fat/old/ugly/geeky man

2. Swap an item of clothing with a male stranger

3. Get as many free drinks/phone numbers from as many men as you can

4. Show off your newly learnt pole dancing skills

5. Do a wee in the men’s bathroom

6. Invite the bar man back to your hotel room

7. Pinch the next four man who walk past on the bum

8. Have a conversation with a stranger using a strong foreign accent

9. Take a Selfie with at least 10 different strangers

10. Call an ex-boyfriend and tell him you are getting married

11. Have three shots of the local spirit in a row

12. Get a guy’s underwear

13. Get a man to serenade you

14. Dance on the bar by yourself for one whole song

15. Ask a man for a condom

16. Let a man sign your bra

17. Get behind the bar and show off your new cocktail making skills

18. Write your name on a man’s bum/abs/t-shirt using indelible marker

19. Invite a group of guys to have dinner with you and the group for the next day

20. Photo bomb at least 5 different people’s photographs

21. Sing “like a virgin” really loudly in the middle of the street

22. Find a stag group in the same city and join forces with them

23. Make a toilet paper bridal veil and wear it on a pub crawl

24. Get a stranger to give you a picky back down the road

25. Ask a stranger to marry you

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