This July, Budapest will once again gear up for one of the most exciting and eagerly awaited events of the year – the Hungaroring.  The Hungarian Grand Prix, or the Hungaroring as it is also known, is a fast paced event that sees hundreds and thousands of adrenalin junkies, speed demons and fast car lovers descend upon the Hungarian capital, for a fun-filled weekend of racing. Stag groups considering Budapest for their big event are in for an epic weekend where Grand Prix racing is complemented by our awesome portfolio of activities and of course a whole lot of drinking. Here are some of our top suggestions to get you warmed up for the Hungaroring on your stag do in Budapest.
1. Quad Biking
What better way to get you in the mood to watch professional drivers whizz around a race track then to try your hand at a bit of racing yourself. Ok, you probably won’t be driving quite as fast as professionals like Sebastian Vettel who won last year, but you can still have a massive amount of fun and all that tearing around corners, navigating obstacles and trying to get ahead of your mates will get you fully psyched up for the real deal later on in the day!
2. Go Karting
Go Karting is basically the same as the Grand Prix right? I mean what’s different about racing around a track on low-to-the-ground cars that shouldn’t be allowed on normal roads and wearing silly helmets. And even if you need more of a stretch of the imagination than you can muster to compare the two sports, you and the boys can pretend you are the stars of the Hungaroring and make a wager on who will win to get you into the mood for the actual race. May the best man win!
 3. Trabant Trek
Trabant cars aren’t famous for being the fastest vehicles in the world, however these iconic cars are massively typical of the region, so not only do they offer a great opportunity to get in touch with the history and heritage of Hungary, but they also make for an extremely fun and unique way of touring the city on your stag do in Budapest. You’ll all get the chance to drive the quirky little cars and although they are far more old-school than the speedy little numbers that feature in the Hungaroring, driving around the city with your boys is a great way to start feeling the vibes of the Hungaroring weekend.
4. Beer Bike
There is almost nothing in the world that is better for groups visiting Budapest, than the beer bike. What’s not to like about cycling around the city together on a collective bicycle made for up to 14 people while you drink cold beer! And seeing as the Hungaroring is happening in July, the city will be hot and trust us when we say that chilled beer on tap will be the most welcome and refreshing thing you will ever taste.
5. Bobsledding
Getting your adrenalin pumping is a great way to psych yourself up for a big event like the Hungaroring, so instead of turning up to the race with low energy, head out for a day of bobsledding first to make sure you’re raring to go once it gets to race time. Another plus side, bobsledding is wicked fun and makes you feel like a little kid at Christmas -trust us, we’ve tried it. All in a day’s work!
6. Bar Crawl
We can’t leave you without something fun to do after the Hungaroring is over. So in true style, head out into the capital for an awesome bar and pub crawl. We’ll take you around some of the best ruin bars and the coolest clubs in town, and what with it being the Hungaroring weekend, the city is bound to be packed full of fun people to party the night away with!