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A Gentleman’s guide to Choosing an Engagement Ring

In every gentleman’s life, there comes a time when big decisions need to be made. What career path to follow? Where to live? Who to marry? And what ring to propose with? And although (hopefully) the majority of women out there don’t base how they feel about their engagement ring on its monetary value, there are still an intimidating number of things to take into consideration when choosing this momentous piece of jewellery.
But before you run in the opposite direction screaming, don’t worry, because here at Eventhuse we’ve got your back – it is our job after all – and instead of sending you in blind, we’ve prepared the ultimate guide to how to choose the perfect engagement ring for your better half.

1. Consider your budget

Although for many grooms-to-be, the engagement ring will be one of the biggest investments they ever make in their lives, the price tag won’t be the same for everyone. Just because John Smith spend 14 grand, doesn’t mean that you have to – but just bear in mind that the selection is vast and setting a budget will help to narrow the selection.
Choose a figure that you feel comfortable with and then stick to it.

2. Consider her personal style

While setting a budget is an important first step, its also important not to base the ring around the number of 0’s is has on the label. Instead think about your future fiancé’s personal style, what jewellery she already owns and like and what you can imagine her being proud to wear on her finger forever!
Not everyone is a traditionalist and want a platinum band with a diamond in the centre and most women will really value the fact that you’ve taken the time to really think about what she would love and what makes her unique.

3. Find out her ring size

Wait… fingers come in different sizes? Yep, before you go gallavanting off to purchase the perfect ring, you need to find out what size fingers your lady love has.
Remember the ring goes on the engagement finger (second in from the baby finger side!) so that’s the one that you will need the measurement of.
We recommend not just going up to her and asking to measure her wedding ring finger! That might give the game away a bit if you are going with the element of surprise. Try adding a bit of stealth into the mix!

4. Consider making it a surprise

On that note, while more and more women today are choosing their engagement rings together with their future husbands, we still think that making the proposal and the ring presentation a surprise is so much more romantic.
If she really doesn’t like your choice you can always exchange it, but the element of surprise will ensure she remembers the proposal forever.


Surprise proposal

5. Decide on band colour

Before you start mumbling about not knowing rings came in different colours, let us ensure you that this is one of the easier things you’ll have to decide on.
Ring bands come in a variety of different colours which include platinum, silver and the golds (yellow gold, rose gold and white gold). A good way to decide is to have a look at your girlfriend’s current jewellery collection and see what colours she wears most – silver or gold. This should help you make a decision based on what you know she already likes.
Traditionally engagement rings are silver, white gold or platinum but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the norm. Price counts when it comes to band colour with certain options (white gold and platinum) significantly more expensive than others (silver)!

6. Have a think about settings

Engagement rings come in all kinds of different settings and thinking about which one your future missus would like best, will help to narrow the choice and will avoid you getting so confused your brain implodes. Typical engagement ring settings include the Tiffany setting, the Eternity band, the Bevel setting, the Pave and the Channel setting.
Get online, surf the web a bit, choose a setting and then be strict about sticking to it.

7. Diamond or no diamond

Not all girls sit at home alone every night dreaming of a shiny diamond ring on their finger. Some girls do.
One good thing to decide early on on your ring purchasing adventure, is whether your gal is the diamond type or not.
If she is then you need to know the Four C’s – Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat Weight. On top of that, you also need to pick the shape you want for the stone – do you want pear, heart, oval or princess, or maybe a classic round diamond is more her style?
Diamonds aren’t the only option though nowadays, with many a more modern madam preferring coloured precious stones, vintage pieces or alternative materials altogether.

8. Make sure you insure it

If you do end up spending half a year’s rent on a ring with precious stones and expensive materials, make sure you are smart and take out an insurance policy or a replacement policy on the piece just in case.
There are plenty of different insurance policies out there and options for protecting your new purchase.
Speak to you jeweller and people you trust and see which option you feel works best for you.

So, there you have it boys. Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to buying an engagement ring like a pro. And once you’ve done the hard part, head back over to Eventhuse and let us help you make the fun bit as epic as possible, with a kick-ass stag do that’ll make it all worthwhile – go on you deserve it!

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