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Five Reasons to Choose Prague as your Next Stag Destination

There is a reason why Prague has become so famous as an ideal stag destination in Europe. In fact, there is more than one reason, there are many.

Here, the team at Eventhuse have come up with just five of our top reasons why we think you should choose the Czech capital for your upcoming stag do abroad.

Easy Access Via Low Cost Flights

Before you even start thinking about which amazing, unique activities to book for your stag do abroad, or what kind of accommodation to stay in, you need to consider how easy it is to get to your potential chosen destination. People have less and less free time nowadays.
So going long-haul might not be an option for your stag guests, and as flight tickets get more expensive, some invitees may be less able to make the commitment. Prague on the other hand, ticks both the easy access and the low-cost boxes, with plenty of budget airlines flying to the city for super cheap prices and flights from most of Europe lasting only two to three hours.

 Abundance of Activities

Plenty of stag group’s from around Europe have already copped on to the fact that Prague makes a pretty epic stag destination. There are a huge variety of amazing activities that will suit stag groups of all different tastes. Whether you are hardcore party animals who want a wild night clubbing in an abandoned war bunker, or you prefer to dabble in the rich cultural aspects of the city on a river cruise or a special city tour, there will be something to suit your needs in Prague. And that’s not to mention to multiple outdoor activities, adrenalin fuelled options and adventure sports.

 Awesome Sightseeing

There is no denying that the capital of Bohemia is a stunning treasure trove of sightseeing opportunities, rich cultural and artistic history and endless iconic structures. The city has a wealth of fantastic stag-worthy museums like the Beer Museum, and an amazing Prague House of Photography. Music lovers and street art aficionados can go and visit the slice of history that is John Lennon’s wall. Architecturally speaking, the city is littered with spectacular old buildings, gothic churches and legendary bridges. Make sure you and your stag group bring a camera to soak up some of this amazing, vibrant and photogenic city.

 Budget Friendly Prices

It’s not only the flights that are cheap when it comes to spending your stag do in Prague. The city is also very friendly on the wallet when it comes to buying pints, meals out, accommodation, transport and most importantly, nightlife. The beers are significantly cheaper then back home, so your pound or your euro will go a lot further in Prague. Used to getting hammered on a budget of 60 euro? That will buy a couple of rounds for your mates as well as all the gorgeous local girls you’ve just made friends with.

Friendly and Welcoming Locals

Talking of those gorgeous local girls, Prague is actually world famous for its beautiful, fun and open minded women. Not only are the women stunning, but the locals are all very welcoming and friendly. With Prague becoming more and more popular with stag groups visiting from abroad, there are also increasing numbers of bars, restaurants, clubs and facilities that are especially geared towards catering to large groups of raucous men!

So now that we’ve told you five of the many, many reasons that Prague makes an awesome stag destination, all that’s left to do is head into our Prague Stag page and check out our collection of epic activities, carefully curated for stag groups of all shapes, sizes and tastes.


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