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Five Amazing Things to do in Bratislava

Aside from the party vibe – which will surely leave even the more hardcore stag groups seriously satiated – Bratislava also has a plethora of awesome things to do during the day, which don’t involve downing beers or doing body shots.
As local experts on the scene in the city, Eventhuse has created this quick-fire list of five of the most amazing, exhilarating and unique things for stag groups visiting Bratislava in search of top level fun. Read on and enjoy!

Action Tower Jump
Ever wondered what it feels like to bungee jump of an 110m high tower? Well with this adrenalin filled activity you can find out! Jump off the top of the tallest tower in Bratislava, with a total of 3.8 seconds’ total free fall and really get that adrenalin pumping round your body. This unique activity can only be found in Bratislava and offers sweet views from the top of the tower and an exclusivity you won’t find from other bungee jumping activities. The only question is, do you have the balls to do it?

Explore the Old Town
Bratislava’s Old Town is all quaint cobbled streets, old architecture, churches with tall spires, painted clocks and charming little squares with fountains. And while the cultural aspect of the capital’s Old Town is rich, historical and authentically traditional, the area also has a tonne of amazing bars, pubs and restaurants, making the area a haven for stags looking to indulge in a spot of history before heading for a night out on the tiles!

Armoured Car Ride – car demolition
When in Bratislava, why not jump in a hardcore armoured tank and drive over a bunch of cars, demolishing them under your tracks! Sound like a fun boy’s day out? It is! And its once-in-a-lifetime unique to the Slovakian capital AND it adds a nice touch of history and culture to your stag do, as the 13.5 tonne monster vehicles were used in World War 2. So, there you have it, culture and fun wrapped up into one ultimate car demolition experience.

Bridge Swinging
Another truly amazing adrenalin rush that stag groups can have in Bratislava, can be had through the unique white-knuckle activity of Bridge Swinging. An activity that cannot be had anywhere else in Eastern Europe, Bridge Swinging is similar to bungee jumping but more comfortable. Instead of bouncing back as you do when you bungee, bridge jumping will see you swing in a pendulum motion around the bridge, with a 25m free-fall and your safety guaranteed!

Booze Night – Ice Bar VODKA shots
Ok, Ok, Ok, so we know we said we wouldn’t include any boozing activities in this list, but we couldn’t resist including the ice bar because it is so unique and amazing that missing it would surely be missing out! This once-in-a-lifetime experience is one of those weird and wonderful things you need to embrace while abroad on your stag do in Bratislava. Not only will you get to go on an awesome pub crawl, you also get exclusive entrance to the ice bar as well as three shots of premium vodka!

So now that you know just a small handful of some of the amazing things available to stag groups in Bratislava, head over to our main Bratislava page and find out the whole shebang!
The destination is super cheap, friendly and offers a wealth of options for stag groups of all tastes and styles!


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