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The Expectations by your Other Half from a Wedding Proposal?

In this day and age, with the ever-increasing use of social media, proposals have gone from intimate moments between the loving couple, to extravagant viral sensations with flash mobs and marching bands. But do all women want such large-scale grand gestures of romance or do they prefer this life defining moment to be a quiet reflection of the love shared between them.

Read on to see the pros and cons of different proposal styles and how to choose how you propose to the leading lady in your life.

Grand Gesture Vs Intimate Affair

Proposals have become quite the social media sensation in recent years, with many people choosing to film their extravagant popping-of-the-question, and then posting them online for the world to see and approve of. Some of the world’s more exhibitionist women might enjoy such international attention, while others might cringe at the mere thought of being filmed during this important moment. You know your woman best, so before you go booking the flash mobs, marching bands and string quartets, or hiring your friend to film the whole affair, think about whether your girlfriend would enjoy the spectacle or shy away from the camera. You don’t want to end up being that loser on You Tube with a video entitled “Major Proposal Fail – SHE SAID NO!” do you! Sometimes privacy and intimacy are more valued and more romantic then having half the town gather around for a colourful display of affection.

Traditional Romance Vs Outside-the-box Experience

Speak to any waiter at any romantic restaurant around the world and they will have any number of stories about rings being buried in a desert, grooms going down on one knee during the second course and women sopping over champagne and diamonds. However, have a think about what your lady love really enjoys doing and then perhaps incorporate that into the proposal. If your wife-to-be prefers outdoor activities to typical candlelit dinners – perhaps it would be more suitable to plan a hike and a picnic, instead of sitting in a stuffy restaurant waiting for the right moment. Alternatively, make the special moment a real occasion to remember by planning something really outside the box like a tandem sky dive where you propose as you jump or an underwater scuba diving proposal!

Public Involvement Vs Private Moment

We’ve all seen the humiliating You Tube video of the poor man who gets turned down by his girlfriend in a mall packed full of people out shopping. Proposing in public can be great and you’ll definitely get lots of cheers if she says yes (like the guy who proposed to his ecstatic girlfriend at the super bowl), but not every woman wants to be surrounded by thousands of staring strangers when you get down on one knee – plus all those people adds pressure for her to say yes because of the crowd – make sure she makes the right decision for her not for the people watching. Think about your girlfriend’s personality – is she the shy retiring type or does she constantly crave attention. Is she low key or high maintenance? Make sure you’re proposal reflects your deep knowledge of her and what she wants rather than just following trends.

Public Proposal

At Home Vs Abroad

Taking your romance on a road on a couple’s holiday is always a good idea and a great opportunity to pop the question. Whether you head off to a tropical beach destination or pack your bags for an urban city break, the chances for a romantic proposal are endless. But bear in mind that away from home, your girlfriend might feel like she is out of her comfort zone and away from the people she would want to gush about your news too first. If your wife-to-be is a home bird, who loves the comforts of her own surroundings, perhaps you would be better off creating an intimate and romantic setting for the big moment so she feels as comfortable and at ease as possible.

Bring the Family Vs Just the two of us

A recent trend to hit the social media scene is the family proposal, where the man gathers the entire family together to propose in front of them and their friends and loved ones. This can be a lovely idea, including all the people you love the most to be with you on this important moment in your lives together. However – how close is your girlfriend to her family? How much are they already involved in your relationship? If you or she are more private people, perhaps keep it to the two of you instead of including sobbing mums, awkward dads and screeching sisters into the mix.

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