Bucharest is fast becoming a top choice for stags around the world. And its easy to see why. The city itself is not only super attractive and easy to explore but it is also packed with epic nightlife options. Let’s not forget to mention the insanely cheap prices. But there’s another reason Bucharest is so popular. The Romanian capital is full to the brim with amazing stag do activities, guaranteed to make your long weekend unforgettable.

Here at Eventhuse, we make it our business to offer only the best of the best. We stay up-to-date with all the latest trends to arrive in town, to make sure you lads have the pick of the crème of the crop.

So, without further ado, here are the latest new activities to rock the stag scene in Bucharest this year.

  1. Airsoft
  2. Photographer
  3. Stag Arrest
  4. Private River Boat Cruise with Stripper
  5. Private River Boat Cruise with Open Bar
  6. Museum of Senses
  7. Hot Rod Tour


Are you soldiers ready for battle? You better be, because for this exhilarating new activity in Bucharest, you’ll be split into teams and thrown in headfirst, armed only with imitation assault rifles for protection! Of course, we’re talking about a simulation battle, not the real deal. Think of airsoft as an alternative to paintball just with a little less pain.
Your weapons will shoot out soft bullets at high velocity, giving the whole experience a more authentic feel. And the battlefield itself – usually an abandoned building or site – is all obstacles and hideouts. You lads will don military garb, strategize and head out to take on your opponent’s in an adrenalin charged race to stay alive! May the best team win!

Photographer for Activities

Capture the amazing memories of your stag do in Bucharest with the help of your very own professional photographer. We’ll arrange for your photographer to join you on three activities of your choice. He or she will then snap away, while you focus on enjoying yourselves. You won’t even know they’re there! And at the end of it all, you’ll come away with a collection of epic shots that capture the essence of your stag event – brothers in arms, loving life, enjoying each other’s company and just having the time of your lives. Boys just wanna have fun too you know!

Stag Arrest

Fancy injecting a healthy dose of prank into your stag do in Bucharest? Stag pranks are hilarious and always go down a treat – we know, we’ve organised thousands of them! On this prank, your groom-to-be will get arrested by fake police. You guys will be in on the act so keep a straight face. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get too scared and end up soiling himself! It has happened before. Trust us!

River Boat Cruise with Stripper

What’s a stag do without the prerequisite stripper right! But instead of doing it the classic way, at a strip club with all the other stag groups, book yourselves onto a leisurely private river boat cruise and let the naked lady be the cherry on the cake! Its an easy win, win. You and the lads will get to cruise down the river, taking in the city’s sights. You can kick back and relax, beer in hand. Soak up the sun. indulge in a little banter. Doesn’t get much better than this – until a foxy lady turns up to entertain you all with a sexy dance show. The city sights will take a back seat as you focus your attention on sights that show a bit more skin! Enjoy lads. You deserve it.

River Boat Cruise with Open Bar

Taking a river boat tour of Bucharest on your stag do is a fantastic way to see the city from a unique perspective. Enjoy the sights as you float along the river in the most relaxing of styles. And to make a great day out even better, we’ll set up your river cruise with an open bar for you to stay hydrated on your tour. Free booze for the duration of the cruise doesn’t sound bad does it fellas. You’d be drinking if you were on a city tour anyway. So why not give yourselves the same luxury out on the water.

Museum of Senses

A stag do abroad is an excellent opportunity to really awaken the senses. The perfect chance to try things you’ve never done before. And a great place to start is the incredible Museum of Senses in Bucharest. Forget everything you thought you knew about museums. This one is a journey that will challenge your body and mind. You just have to see it to believe it.

Hot Rods Tour of Bucharest

Hot Rods in Bucharest sound kind of sexy don’t they. But in this case, leave your minds in the gutter and focus on pure driving pleasure. These little hot rod cars are just like childhood toy cars but life size. Oh, and did we mention that these babies drive like race cars? You can take a hot rod out for a spin around the city on an amazing tour. Sure, people will stare as you zoom around the city sights in a pack of speedy toy cars. But no one minds being the centre of attention on their stag do. Do they? We regularly update our selection of epic stag activities to make sure you lads are getting the best out there.

Head into our Stag Do Bucharest page to see what else we have on offer for groups in Bucharest.

Posted on: 10 April 2019

Stag do activities in Bucharest!