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The Eventhuse Six Top Dad Friendly Stag Activities

After the initial rush of excitement that inevitably comes when you get asked to be a best man, the dust settles and you realise you have a stag do to arrange. This might sound like a fun task to being with, but navigating the politics of a stag do can be trickier than you might think. For starters who are you going to invite, will family be allowed to join the debauchery?
For stag groups planning on including dear old Dad in on their stag holiday activities, Eventhuse have put together this list of our six top Dad friendly stag activities that aren’t too X-rated and will ensure the older generation have fun without being too scandalised.

Brewery Tour

Let’s face it, what Dad doesn’t like a good brewsky, and what better way to incorporate drinking with a bit of history, culture and learning about the fascinating brewing process. Most Dad’s will not only appreciate the educational side of a brewery tour, as well as the part at the end where you get to sit down and taste the beers brewed on site. The second half of the tour also doubles up as an excellent opportunity for the group to sit down together during the day, away from the more hectic and potentially debauched evening’s entertainment. Nothing like a good bit of daytime bonding over a good local beer!

Beer Bike

When it comes to holiday’s most Dads are long passed the age where they just want to sit in a pub and down as many pints of the local ale as they can. They want to get out and about and see the sights of the new town they are visiting. But just because you’ve invited the old fogies on the trip doesn’t mean you can’t drink – AND see the sights. Hop on a beer bike and you get a private tour of the city while you drink – two bird, one stone!

Go Karting

Inside every grown man is a competitive little boy just waiting to get out and show off! A great way to encourage some healthy Father/Son rivalry while away on your stag do, is to hit the Go Karting track and do some racing. Everyone is equal on the race track and there is no need for any real athleticism so even the less-mobile Dads can have a go; and anyway, who doesn’t like a bit of speed induced adrenalin to break the ice and get the lad banter flowing across generations.

Gun Shooting

Gun shooting is an ideal activity for stag groups of all ages. You don’t need to be physically fit, and everyone in the group will appreciate the skill, concentration and precision needed to take aim and actually hit a target when you fire. Dad’s will love the gun shooting activity as it will take them back to their childhood days of playing cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians, and when all is said and done, the feeling of wielding a gun and shooting is empowering for all people, young and old.

Boat or River Cruise

Most Dad’s we know like to have a good relax every once in a while, so with all the running around and drinking on the stag do, a nice relaxing boat cruise in the sea around Ayia Napa, or a river cruise in Krakow or Budapest, is an excellent way of having some down time, while actually seeing the city. This is also a great opportunity to get some classic stag photo memories and although the Dads of the crew might not actually be on Instagram, they will definitely feel included in group photos from the deck of the boat. Drinks are included, which also present a great chance for a beer and a sit down in a quieter and less manic environment.

Pub Crawls

But at the end of the day, all Dads were young once, and if we have any inside information to share with you all, it’s that when all is said and done, these slightly more senior gentlemen would jump at the chance to be young again and rekindle the flame of youthful free-spiritedness and fun. So if you are planning a pub crawl and you are planning on inviting Dad on the stag do, our advice is to ask him to come along on the crawl but let him know that he is free to toddle of home whenever he sees fit. Dad might not stay all night, but the fact that he was considered worthy of the pub crawl in the first place will be an honour for him – which is worth more than its price in gold!

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