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Epic Ideas for Stag Do Fancy Dress Costumes

We’ve all seen it been done and thought ‘what the heck!’, but on the contrary we know it makes a good laugh and at some point we are going to do it ourselves. Whether it’s Batman, Darth Vader or dressing up Cops and Robbers with our best mate it will be a night of banter and that’s what makes a stag do with the fellas a night to remember. Here at eventhuse we’ve witnessed quite a few groups in fancy dress, so we decided to put together some of our favourite ideas.



Easy to find in most fancy dress shops, the Roman Gladiator look is awesome for a warmer Stag do abroad somewhere like Ayia Napa where it’s not too cold to flash some flesh and where the ladies will most certainly appreciate the effort you’ve made to stand out from the crowds. After all, who doesn’t like a warrior in a skirt and silly hat!

Stag do costumes - Gladiators


Morph Suits

Chances are you’ve probably already seen some geezer wearing one of these all-in-one lycra body suits at a festival, carnival or fancy dress night out. The great thing is about these ridiculously hilarious outfits is that while the wearer can see, breathe and even drink wearing the suit, their identity can remain anonymous, making it the ideal disguise for checking out ladies or playing tricks on unsuspecting strangers – just make sure you find a way of holding your essentials; you don’t want odd lumps in the wrong places!

Stag do costumes - Power Rangers


Super Mario Brothers

Ok, Ok so the youth of today might not have a clue why you are dressed up as moustachioed mechanics in coloured overalls and matching hats, but Super Mario brothers is an excellent iconic fancy dress idea for any stag group who were around in the 90’s – plus you can have the shortest member of the group dress up as a token red and white mushroom!

Stag do costumes - Super Mario Bros



Do you want to be saints or sinners on your stag do big night out? How about combining the two with this hilariously ironic costume theme that can be easily customised with bling crucifix necklaces, or naughty hip flasks hidden under billowing robes.

Stag do costumes - Nuns



Ok this costume theme takes a serious amount of dedication to actually pull off. You’ll need copious amounts of blue paint to cover your faces and other uncovered extremities, but after that all that’s left to complete the look is a pair of red of white trousers, a blue top and a silly white hat – beards and yellow plaits are optional.

Stag do costumes - Smurfs



They say ladies feel more confident when they are wearing sexy underwear, so how about applying the same concept on your stag do but replace the underwear with a super sexy (!!) superhero costume for your stag do fancy dress. Not only will you feel invincible in your skin tight leotard, but the ladies are bound to be impressed as well.

Stag do costumes - Superheroes



We all know how the entire female population feel about Captain Jack Sparrow right? Channel your inner buccaneer on your stag do abroad and you are sure to get the local ladies attention whether you happen to be in Bucharest or in Prague. This costume also gives you the excellent excuse of carrying around a bottle of rum with you all day!
Stag do costumes - Pirates



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