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Eight of the World’s Most Extreme Wedding Destinations

Not every couple is into the traditional church wedding concept, with more and more adventurous brides and grooms preferring to venture further afield, to experience their nuptials in some of the world’s most extreme wedding destinations.

Forget everything you thought you knew about weddings, and read on as Eventhuse shares our top picks of extreme wedding hot spots from across the globe.

  1. Mount Everest, Nepal
    Betrothed couples with a penchant for hiking and a head for heights can don their sturdiest boots and climb the lofty peaks of Mount Everest in Nepal to tie the knot.
    Those who can’t make it to the top can get hitched at Base Camp – a friendlier option for guests who aren’t big climbers!
  2. Petra, Jordan
    The ancient red city of Petra is one of the most uniquely picturesque destinations in the word, meaning your wedding shots will go down in history.
    And with special candlelit ceremonies at the site, nothing could be more romantic in its extremism!
  3. The Great Wall of China, China
    A symbol of courage, bravery, strength and resilience, the Great Wall of China is an amazingly extreme and incredibly romantic spot for a wedding that no one will forget in a hurry.
    Why not try walking from each end and meeting in the middle for an added touch off romance?
  4. The Grand Canyon, USA
    With breath-taking views out over the canyons, clear lakes and top-class hiking, The Grand Canyon is a slice of magic for those willing to go the extra mile.
    It won’t be easy, but then neither is marriage, so what better way to start as you mean to go on.
  5. Carnglaze Caverns, UK
    Located in stunning Cornwall, the man-made underground caves of Carnglaze Caverns, make a unique and adventurous extreme civil wedding destination, which ensure that even if it’s raining on your big day, you and your guests can still stay dry.
  6. Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco
    Located on the French Riviera, Monte Carlo can host deep-sea weddings for couples with a penchant for underwater love.
    You’ll go 40ft underwater to exchange your vows and guests can even come and watch – if they can dive that is!
  7. Maasai Mara, Kenya
    Imagine spending your wedding day surrounded by majestic wild animals, in the spectacular landscape of the African savannah.
    Forget long-lost aunts and decrepit uncles, you could have lions and elephants as your witnesses instead!
  8. Val d’Isère, France
    As the highest ski resort in Europe, Val d’Isère definitely earns itself a position on the list of most extreme wedding destinations in the world.
    Ski lovers can whizz down the slopes together before tying the knot in the beautiful snow-capped surroundings.

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