Navigating your way around the dress code of a wedding is hard enough for any man, but actually having a say in what the groom and his team are going to wear on the big day, is a terrifying prospect, with an intimidatingly endless list of selections and possibilities. Although our area of expertise is organising stag dos, we  also do chime in on other wedding related subjects just to help you out. So for best men needing that extra bit of help in the wardrobe department, here is our Eventhuse guide to dressing for wedding day success!

The Suit: The first thing to bear in mind is the actual suit itself. By now you should have an idea of the level of formality of the wedding, whether it is a black-tie event, or a more casual affair. The style of suit you wear should really depend on this factor. If it’s black tie, you’ll be expected to wear a tuxedo, tops and tails or a formal suit; a laid-back affair allows for creativity, current trends and personality to shine through. Don’t forget the option of wearing separates if it’s appropriate for the event.

Tie, bow tie or neck cravat: Who knew there were so many different types of neck adornment to choose from? Your choice of neckwear should really depend on the type of suit you opt for, but with today’s more loose and inclusive fashion styles, there is more leeway to play with and be creative. Bow ties can be worn formally with a tux or with a suit and braces, in true hipster style. Word to the wise – don’t go for a neck cravat or neckerchief unless you are a tortured artist, an academic or an intellectual and have the chat to back up the look.

Footwear: Again, the footwear you choose depends on the formality of the wedding. Nowadays, both the best men and the grooms have even been known to wear a trendy trainer or converse on their wedding day, so anything goes. Keep colour and comfort in mind. Going casual is fine but don’t be gaudy with your colour choice. Instead stick to neutral whites, blacks, greys, browns or beige.

Cufflinks or buttons: Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Cufflinks are much smarter and exude that ‘special occasion’ vibe. They spice up an outfit, adding a touch of colour or creativity. However, on the downside, they can be fiddly and inconvenient where buttons are easy and less likely to get lost! You decide.

Pocket Squares and buttonholes: Wearing a floral arrangement in your buttonhole is a classic way to set the groomsmen and ushers apart from the rest of the guests and adds a lovely festive feeling to the outfit. You can also opt to add a pocket square to adorn the pocket of your suit jacket or blazer adding a pop of colour to the overall look. Match your pocket square with your tie for a uniform effect.

Clean shaven or furry face: This is a tricky one in today’s more beard-friendly society. Here at Eventhuse we’ve come up with an easy rule to navigate the minefield of beard etiquette. If you are a bearded man, don’t worry about shaving for the big day, just make sure you tidy up your facial hair and keep it neat. Those who don’t rock a beard on a daily basis, keep it clean shaven. No one wants to see your five-o’clock stubble or bum fluff in wedding photos for years to come.

Accessorise to stand out: If you and the boys are going for uniformed and coordinated looks for the big day (which you totally should), one way to stand out from the crowd is with your choice of accessories. Wear an expensive watch, a pair of colourful socks or a tie clip to give yourself a bit of individuality and sense of personal style.

Now that the whole dress code thing is a bit clearer in your head, how about we get on with the more fun things on the agenda such as the stag do! We’ve got your back in this department so head into the website to see how we can help you organise an event that you and your boys will never forget.

Posted on: 7 February 2018

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