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Dos and Don’ts of Picking out the Perfect Wedding Dress

Let’s face it, your wedding day is supposedly the best day of your life, so you want to be looking your best. Everyone will comment on what the bride is wearing so it’s important to make sure that when you pick out the dress, you do it right.
Whether you already have a dress in mind, or you’re going in blind, shopping for a wedding dress can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve laid out these simple dos and don’ts to help you along your way.

Do bring a small team of people who know you well: We all know how difficult it is to shop by yourself. Without someone who knows you to tell you whether something suits you, you might end up purchasing something that looks truly hideous without even realising.
Well seeing as your wedding dress might well be the most important dress you ever buy, its important you bring a couple of people who not only known your personal style, but also have your best interests at heart. Don’t bring too many people – stick to 2 or 3 – otherwise the different opinions will just end up confusing you.

Don’t go crazy and try on too many different dresses: You’ll just end up confusing yourself and be even less sure which one to go with. Stick to around 5 or 6 dresses and pick the one you really love. The more you try on, the more muddled your mind will get and you’ll probably forget the ones you tried on first even if it included the one you really loved. Find one you love and stick to it!

Do make sure your timing is right: Shopping for your wedding dress too early or too late can have disastrous consequences. Setting off to the mission at hand too early because you might change your mind, or decide you want a dress to match the rest of the wedding aesthetic, or quite simply you might not be ready yet!
Going too late can also be tricky leaving you panicked and more likely to make an impulse buy just to get it over and done with.
Take your time and go when the time feels right.

Don’t forget to wear the right underwear: There is literally no point in trying on a dress if you are wearing your most unattractive granny pants and saggy old bra. The staff at the shop will need to see how the dress fits you and wearing the right underwear can help them do that.
It will also make you feel better and more confident in yourself and let’s face it – most brides wear spanks on their wedding day so see how they’ll transform your dress from the get go!

Do go in a good mood: Making an occasion of the dress buying can make the event seem all the more special, so do something nice like go out for lunch before the appointment.
This will have the added benefit of meaning you won’t be feeling hungry, tired and agitated while you shop. We all know the perils of shopping on an empty stomach!

Don’t get sucked in by bargain hunting: With wedding dresses costing more than a second hand car nowadays, it’s easy to get attracted by the allure of discounts and bargain basements.
Often these discount dresses are samples which means they might have been damaged in the process of being tried on by countless other frantic brides.
Sometimes discount sales can bring up the goods, but you don’t want to spend hundreds on altering a dress when you can buy something equally beautiful for the same price.

Do have an average price range in mind: Wedding dresses can come in hugely varying price ranges nowadays with some in the hundreds and some in the hundred thousands!
Narrow down your choice by having a budget in mind before you go in, but be open minded to the fact that the dress you fall in love with, may exceed your budgets a little bit!

At the end of the day though, regardless of all these dos and don’ts, it’s important to enjoy the experience of picking out a wedding dress and choosing something that is right for you as opposed to something that it hot on the catwalks. Eventhuse wishes you luck and we hope you find that perfect gown!


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