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The Complete Day Guide to Krakow

Krakow is famous as a party destination and it’s easy to see why. The city mixes old-world charm in the form of beautiful streets, squares and buildings with new-world amenities such as world-class bars, clubs, pubs and hotels. Add in the kind of crazy activities we know every group craves and Krakow really is a one of a kind place to party.

The Sights

Krakow is certainly the prettiest city in our stable of destinations. You’d kind of expect the former royal capital of any country to have more than its fair share of beautiful buildings, gorgeous High Gothic style churches, and quiet cobblestone streets but this city really turns on the charm as you wander the byways taking in sights like Wawel Castle. Old Town is anything but, as all the newest bars, restaurants and clubs populate the western quarter of this great city. Krakow and the surrounding area really does deserve their reputation as the most culturally and politically significant city in Poland and we’re sure your group will enjoy these activities in particular.

Wielczka Salt Mine – Over 300km of labyrinthine tunnels spread over nine levels at a maximum depth of 327 meters (the equivalent of New York’s Chrysler building underground) make up this Unesco World Heritage site. Your party visits the upper levels of the mine; an otherworldly trip through pits and chambers carved out of solid salt. Oh, and there are underground salt lakes and a church (including chandeliers) carved entirely from salt. It has to be seen to be believed.

Wielczka Salt Mine

Auschwitz – A visit to one of the world’s most important symbols of human cruelty is an absolute must-see for every human being that travels to Krakow. Auschwitz is not only of vast historical importance; it is of increasing cultural significance to a contemporary world riven by economic and political strife. In remembrance to those who lost their lives there, we owe it to future generations to learn the lessons Auschwitz has to teach us about the dark side of human nature.

Jewish Quarter – Reflecting one of the 20th century’s greatest tragedies, a walk through the old Jewish quarter of Krakow with its destroyed synagogues reveals a 500-year-old history that was systematically obliterated during World War II. Contemporary Jewish culture has successfully reclaimed the area and now informs Krakow’s artistic and bohemian character, boasts one of the city’s biggest street parties, and is home to a café culture and nightlife scene that is second to none.

Jewish quarter in Krakow

Eating and Drinking

Welcome to foodie heaven. Polish cuisine has long surpassed the tired stereotype of potatoes and cabbage and now boasts a culinary scene that is as creative as it is delicious.

Nowa Prowincja – The best coffee and cakes in Krakow – is there any other reason to visit the newest iteration of one of the city’s most beloved cafes? The eclectic and sometimes surreal art on show in the gallery upstairs is another strong argument for a visit.

Address: ul Bracka 3/5

With Fire & Sword – Roast pig stuffed with fruit, roaring fires and the walls covered with the pelts of wild beasts tell you all you need to know about this restaurant. Get in touch with the inner Medieval you.

Address: Pl. Serkowskiego 7, Podgorze

Pod Lwem – The only place in Krakow for a fantastic breakfast or a light lunch on the go. And there’s not a pierogi in sight.

Address: Ul Jozefinska 4

Bagel Mama – Yup, you guessed it. Bagels are what this place does best and they do it really well. Perfect for those looking for a cheap and tasty treat while in the Jewish Quarter of Krakow.

Address: ul Podbrzezie 2

The Shopping

As befits any modern city, you’ll find everything from high-street fashions to backstreet deals in Krakow if you’re looking to satisfy any urge to splurge your cash on souvenirs, clothing and more.

Flea Markets – Go treasure hunting on your weekend in Krakow at these two huge weekend flea markets in the Kasimierz. Plac Nowy hosts the Saturday morning market while Hala Targowa (Market Hall) is reserved on Sundays.

Address: ul Grzegorzecka – just northeast of the Jewish quarter

Galeria Krakowska – As if a little slice of the capitalist cultural heart of America was transplanted to Poland. The swankiest mall in Krakow packed with over 270 shops.

Galeria Krakowska - Krakow

Address: ul Pawia 5

My Gallery – This place sells just the weirdest little souvenirs…if you’re into that sort of thing. Quirky, strange, and downright brilliant little shop.

Address: ul Golebia 1a, Old Town 

The Action

Craving some pulsating activity action? Get your mind out of the gutter and concentrate on these wet, wild and banging diversions. You definitely won’t be firing blanks.

White Water Rafting – You and your mates get soaked as you battle through the rollercoaster whitewater rapids on the River Visula. It’s white-knuckle, hang-on-for-your-life stuff as you brave the big water on Krakow’s Olympic course.

White Water Rafting Krakow

Indoor Paintball – Nothing screams bonding like running around and shooting one another in a purpose-built paintball arena. I say nothing, but I once saw someone get shot in the…never mind…there was a lot of screaming. And laughing at that person. Definitely not with that person.

AK47 Shooting – Powerful, accurate and so much fun to shoot, this iconic semi-automatic weapon features in our activity all about the AK. Get your hands on one of these babies to see why, from the barrios of Bogotá to the killing fields of Sadr City, it’s the most popular gun in the world.

AK 47 in Krakow

Getting Around

Chances are you’ll be staying in accommodation in the centre of Krakow or near the Old Town, and that’s a good thing as you’ll be within easy walking distance of all the major sights and hotspots. That being said, your visit to Krakow is a special occasion so why not splash out on flashier modes of transportation.

Hummer City Tour – It’s big, it’s badass, and it’s a totally conspicuous way to get around town. You’re going to be wearing matching t-shirts anyway, so why not draw even more attention to your party by popping a couple bottles of champagne in the back of a stretch Hummer.

Limo Service – Make the V.I.P. feel very important indeed with a stretch limo as your taxi for the evening. Things get hot and heavy in the backseat if you choose to add a sexy stripper to the deal…

Stag Do Activities and Ideas in Krakow

A day spent out and about in Krakow is undeniably impressive.  It’s packed with adventure, great places to eat and amazing things to see and do with our easy day-trip activities. With our insider knowledge you’ll experience only the best of the best that this great city as to offer during the day. And once the sun goes down, well, check out our nightlife guide to Krakow to get the latest on all the after dark action this city has to offer your stag party.

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