Just because its winter and the chilly weather is setting in around Europe, doesn’t mean that you can’t organise a kick-ass stag do and have as much fun as you would if it was hot and sunny outside. We know, because we have a huge collection of awesome winter activities in colder winter destinations like Prague, Krakow, Budapest and Bucharest. So to help you out, here is our selection of top winter stag activities to guarantee a good time all round.
If a motley crew of Jamaicans can bobsleigh, then so can you – so grab your lucky eggs and hit the bobsleigh slopes for some adrenalin filled fun. You and the boys can race each other to see who can get the best time and after all that zooming downhill; you will all be thirst for a nice refreshing pint to relive your adventures!
TickRiver Rafting
Ok – it might not seem like the best winter activity, but our river rafting experience comes complete with full gear and waterproof cloths so you won’t get (too) wet and all the exercise will keep you from feeling the chill in the air anyway! Not only is this a great winter activity for stag dos abroad, it is also a great team building sport that will help bond you as a group and makes for awesome stories once your back on dry land!
TickIce Skating
There is nothing more wintery than ice skating and if you can’t keep your balance at the beginning, don’t worry, ice skating is easy once you get the hang of it and you’ll be whizzing around the rink in no time. And as an added bonus – taking a lady out on an ice skating date will win you massive brownie points and if you can actually stay standing she’ll be doubly impressed, so learn how to skate on your stag do and you’ll be reaping the rewards when you return home!
TickWine tasting
For the more sophisticate and cultured stag, a wine tasting experience while on your stag do abroad, is an excellent way to get a feeling for the local culture, learn something new, sample some delicious foreign wines that you might not get the chance to try back home, and you’ll also be tucked up indoors in the cosy warm atmosphere of a winery! Buy a bottle or two to bring home to family, wives, girlfriends and loved ones and you’ll be in the good books till summer!
TickIndoor Paintball
Traditional stag activities like paintballing don’t have to be dismissed just because it’s cold outside. We have some amazing indoor paintballing activities that are just as fun. Instead of being outdoors in nature, you’ll be inside, with some awesome indoor obstacles on the course. The added benefit of not being freezing cold is obviously a major draw and you’ll still get just as paint splattered as you would on a traditional outdoor course.
TickIndoor Go Karting
The same goes for Go Karting. We are all aware of the killer selling points of go karting for a stag crew and indoor karting is just the same. You get that motivating competition factor that runs rife in a group of lads, you’ll have all the banter and the joking, you can still race each other and the chances of crashing into the tyres or spinning the cart around all still exist. Indoor caring takes just as much skill and if equally fun. Go Karting - 2
TickBus Bar Crawl
Want to go on a bar crawl but worried about how cold you’ll be moving from bar to bar in the chilly winter climes? Fret not, we have the ultimate solution. Get yourself involved with the epic pub crawl bus and you get all the benefits of the crawl – aka the beer drinking, the shots, the socialising and the epic drunken banter – without any of the nasty freezing fingers and toes as you stumble from bar to bar. We keep the party going in the bus as well so there’s no chance someone will drop off to sleep or loose the buzz in between locations. At the end of the day, if you still aren’t convinced that a winter stag do is a good idea, then why not try one of our warmer destinations like Ayia Napa where the winter doesn’t have the same icy edge to it, the sun still shines and the weather is still warm enough to merit ice cold beers all day – just to stay refreshed!