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Best Party Packages

Our expert event organizers are here to help you arrange the entire weekend, keep everybody on track during the party, and make sure your VIP has the time of their lives.  The perfect party starts here.

Prague’s Poisons

Get the antidote to what ails every tame stag-do with this debauched party package in Prague.  We’re talking booze, and lots of it!  Put your drinking hats on for this 2-day party package because not only will you partake in a pub-crawl to end all pub-crawls on the first night, but also spend a second evening in the company of the Green Lady.  Yes, ladies and gents, it’s our famous Absinthe Night.  The scourge of 19th century artists (trust us, those guys knew how to party); the drink that brought down the House of Hapsburg; I once downed half a bottle and ended up starkers, spinning cartwheels into the Sea in San Sebastian, Spain.  It.  Was.  Awesome.  But if shots of that dangerous, seductive, and allegedly psychoactive liquor don’t sound like much fun, know that the Czech Republic is world famous for their beer.  It would be impossible to sample even a fraction of the total number of lagers and ales on offer from their world-famous brand name breweries or their up-and-coming microbreweries.  Not that that should stop you from trying!  And we have so much more planned for your fantastic weekend abroad.  Check out the detailed list below for the full itinerary of events on this party package in Prague:

  • 3-star Accommodation – Hotel
  • Return Airport Transfers
  • Pub Crawl
  • Go Karting
  • Dinner – Traditional
  • Absinthe Night

Trigger Happy

Break out the big guns in Budapest with a 3-day package that brings some serious heat to the party.  Compete with your mates at a shooting range for bragging rights to see who is the best shot with some of the world’s most famous weapons like the Ruger, Glock, AK-47, and Magnum.  These powerful pistols pack an unbelievable punch and besides producing a huge kick of adrenaline it’s also some of the most fun you’ll ever have in your life.  Of course it’s all well and good scoring points on a shooting range, but can you do it when the action is fast and the targets are shooting back?  Our paintballing activity pits two teams against one another in a series of high-intensity scenarios based on close-combat military training exercises and FPS video games.  Work in tandem with your mates to dominate the field of play or run shrieking at the enemy firing in all directions (not recommended but surprise can be a powerful tactic!) in order to win individual set-piece scenarios. Paintballing requires stamina, intelligent communication, and teamwork – perfect for stag and hen party weekends.  And that’s only a fraction of the activities we have planned for your party.  Check out the detailed list below for more information on the full itinerary of events of this party package in Budapest:

  • 3-star Accommodation
  • Roundtrip Airport Transfer
  • Guided Pub Crawl
  • Paintball – 2 hours
  • Dinner – Classic Stag
  • Guided Night Club Entry
  • Shooting – 41 rounds

Raft of Fun (or Wet’n’Wild)

Thrills, chills, and amazing frills make up this fantastic 2-day party package in Krakow.  First up, you and your mates go on an exhilarating adventure and take on the extreme challenge of navigating a huge white water rafting course on the River Vistula.  It’s fast, it’s fun, and you’re guaranteed a veritable flood of adrenaline pumping through your veins with this activity.  Next up you’re off to quench that considerable build-up of thirst with a pub-crawl through the lively streets of old-town Krakow.  Real life replaces rumor as you discover the hundreds of cabarets, bars, pubs, and clubs that fill every nook and cranny of this famous party destination.  Get your fill of five-star food and drink with a feast at a prominent Polish beer hall and brewery.  Later, VIP entry into one of Krakow’s hottest nightclubs lets you skip the queue and head straight for the dance floor or take in the sights and sounds of the night at your reserved table.  And if you’re in the mood for something wilder, check out the detailed list below for what we’ve got planned for your party in Krakow:

  • 3-star Accommodation – Hotel
  • Return Airport Transfers
  • Pub Crawl
  • White Water Rafting on Olympic training course – 1 hour
  • Cleaning Lady (or Angry Neighbor) Stripper
  • Dinner – Brewery
  • VIP Nightclub Entry

Other Tips:

Whether you’re using this weekend package guide as a starting point for planning your party abroad, or want to book it now, you may want to keep these other tips in mind:

  • Always choose activities that suit your stag or hen’s preferences.
  • Choose activities that take into account every group member’s physical abilities – you may not want Grandpa abseiling down a sheer cliff if he’s not up for the challenge.
  • Some stag and hen parties choose to include younger people – have you arranged alternative activities for them when the group goes on a pub-crawl?

Just remember that you don’t have to plan the entire weekend yourself.  Get in touch and our expert event organizers are here to offer advice and help plan a party that will echo through the ages.

With the Original Stag Experts extensive experience, local know-how and precision party planning, your stag do is guaranteed to exceed expectations. Build your custom stag do online selecting from over 400 Activities across 9 European Destinations and sit back whilst we take care of all the strenuous details.

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