Being the Best Man is an honour and an enormous responsibility. You are the right-hand man on the big day, you have to make an impressive speech at the wedding and … best of all … you have to organise the stag do. To help get you off on the right foot, we’ve put together this step-by-step checklist of things to do if you want to plan the perfect stag do abroad.

  1. Speak to the Groom
  2. Make a Guestlist
  3. Save the Date
  4. Choose Destination
  5. Determine the Budget
  6. Select Activities
  7. Organise Logistics
  8. Deposits
  9. Book!
  10. Organise Itinerary

Speak to your Groom-to-be

The very first step towards planning a stag do is to speak to the big man himself. This is his big weekend and hopefully one that he will remeber for all the right reasons. At the end of the day, it is important that he is happy, having fun and feeling comfortable.
Find out what his expectations are, what things he specifically wants or doesn’t want, who he is thinking of inviting and any other important points. This will help get the planning off to a more focused start.


Make a Guestlist & Get in Touch

Next up is to create the guestlist and get in touch with the invites (we can only assume you have consulted with the groom himself prior to sending out invites). You’ll need to do this well in advance as people’s year gets booked up early with weddings, holidays, business trips and other events.
In your initial contact message with the invitees, give them a selection of dates to choose from so you can narrow it down.

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Save the Date

Once the responses start flooding back, you’ll be able to take the preferred dates and choose the one that is most convenient for the largest number of invitees.
You might not be able to please everyone on the list, but such is the nature of the beast. A stag do needs to be planned properly and in advance. So make sure you send a SAVE THE DATE email and get people to RSVP promptly.


Choose the Destination

Now the fun part can begin. The first thing to decide is the destination. Where do you and the lads want to visit? There are some amazing Stag Destinations in Europe, but before selecting at random, have a think about the criteria. 

  • Sunny destination or somewhere cold? 
  • Culture, nightlife or both!?
  • On budget or do we wanna go all out?

Do your research, ask around, find out where the rest of the group wanting to go and take an executive decision from there.


Make a Budget

At this point, it is worth setting a budget for the trip. You might need to ask the group what they think they can spend and try and come up with a number that will include the whole trip including flights, accommodation, food, drinks and activities.
This will ensure no one gets too much of a shock when it comes time to splash the cash and you’ll get a better idea of what you can actually plan and what your financial restrictions are.

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Pick your Activities

With the destination confirmed and a budget set, now you can start picking out the activities you’d like to include.
Almost anything you can imagine exists so let your imagination run wild but keep in mind the personalities, likes and dislikes of the groom-to-be most importantly, and the rest of the group as well. Pick out inclusive activities that everyone can enjoy.


Organise Logistics

As boring as they are necessary, logistics are one of the most important factors to consider for your stag do to run smoothly. This includes flights, transportation, transfers and accommodation. Make sure to get the best prices by setting up a price alerts on websites such as Skyscanner.


Collect Deposits

Before you actually get down to making any bookings, you’ll need to complete the worst task of the whole list … collect the deposits. This means actually relying on people to send you bank transfers, chasing up on those less eager to pay and meeting up with people in person to pick up the dough (in this day and age it can be made online with the click of a button). You’ll need to get deposits from people early on because that way, they are less likely to cancel last minute and because you need to get onto Step 9 sharpish before things get fully booked.



This step speaks for itself really, but bear in mind that while planning a stag do, life can easily get in the way and time will slip past quicker than you’d like. Popular activities, accommodation and even flights can get booked up really fast in the peak seasons and you are more likely to find cheap prices if you book in advance.
So as soon as those deposits are in, get yourself online and get booking!


Build an Itinerary

Once you have everything booked and confirmed, create a nice simple and comprehensive itinerary that can be sent around to the stag group, saved on phones or printed out and kept in wallets. It sounds super nerdy, but you’ll thank us for this one because once the beers start flowing, its very easy for time to fly and members of the group to get lost.
Include flight times, addresses, phone numbers and any other necessary information just to be on the safe side.



This one can be easier said then done but if everything is arranged, booked and organised according to plan, you should be able to sit back and enjoy your handiwork once the trip actually kicks off. Try and relax, don’t be too militant, keep an eye on the time and accept that these men are not all your responsibility!


And finally, don’t forget that agencies like Eventhuse are experts in the game so sometimes it makes life easier to hand over certain tasks to the pros. We’re here to help ensure your stag do is smooth, seamless and exactly what you have in mind.

Posted on: 29 August 2018

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