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7 Embarrassing Stag Costume Ideas for a Groom with a Sense of Humour

Embarrassing the groom on his stag do is always a good idea, especially if your boy has a good sense of humour.
One fun way to really make him squirm is to make him dress up in a costume of your choice and then have him keep it on as you go pub crawling, city touring, beer biking or any other stag activity you have planned.
To give you a bit of inspiration, here, Eventhuse have listed our favourite embarrassing stag do outfits, to give you some costume ideas that will have him cringing behind his feather boa.

1. Full Bondage
The X-rated nature of this costume will ensure stag-worthy levels of mortification from the groom, and will guarantee a lot of attention from passers-by. Just make sure you do it in the evening, when there are less little kids around!

2. Woman
The more exaggerated the better when it comes to dressing him up as a girl, so think fishnet stockings, miniskirts, heels, full make up and maybe a wig for good measure. This is one of the most popular embarrassing stag costumes for a good reason!

3. Borat Mankini
If you’re going somewhere hot or summery like Ayia Napa for your stag do, get your stag to don a mankini before hitting the beach. Borat liked to shock and that’s what this costume will do. How long will he last before he dies of humiliation!

4. Giant Baby
Nothing screams “Embarrassing” like a grown man walking down the street dressed as a giant baby. Get him a dummy, a baby bonnet and a nappy with a pin and make him play the part, crying at random and throwing tantrums in front of strangers!

5. Village People
Famous for their stage costumes depicting stereotypes of American masculinity, a Village People costume makes the perfect embarrassing stag costume idea for a groom who thinks he’s a bit of a macho man!

6. Animal Onesie
Great for both keeping warm in colder stag do destinations and also for making your groom feel more than a little bit red faced, the animal onesie comes in so many varieties and is a great embarrassing stag costume option that is also comfy to wear!

7. Penis Suit
Want to make your groom look like a real dick? Get him a huge, full-body, life-size penis suit and make him wear it out in public. This one is probably the winner for the MOST embarrassing stag costume of all time. Watch him wear it and weep – with laughter.

Some of the most embarrassing stag costumes can even be worn while the stag participates in our wide range of epic stag activities.
So head on into our stag do activities collection and decide on your embarrassing costumes based on the activities you plan to do on your big weekend away.


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