Like most industries, the stag do scene shifts and evolves according to the needs, requests and demands of our faithful clientele. Trends shape the way we do business and we work hard to stay on top of what is hot and what is not, to ensure that all you stag groups get the best and most up-to-date experience out there.   To make sure you boys are on trend for your upcoming stag do, Eventhuse have listed the top five trends that are currently shaping the stag industry internationally.   1. Going abroad: Nothing is more ‘du jour’ at the moment than taking your best mates abroad for a stag do on tour. With affordable flights to many short haul destinations, as well as cheaper booze in some of the most popular stag destinations, heading overseas for your stag weekend is an easy option for groups of any budget. Some of the most popular destinations for stag events at the moment include Prague, Bucharest, Riga, Budapest, Sofia and Krakow.   2. Not the one-night only outing: Stag dos are getting bigger and better and that means that they no longer constitute a night out on the lash at your local pub. Instead adventurous lads around the world are taking the whole thing way more seriously and organising stag events with multiple days worth of epic activities, boozing and more.   3. Alternative cheaper destinations: With stags increasingly choosing to head abroad for their stag do, dudes are finding that they need to save up money if they want to attend multiple stags in one year. Enter the budget destination options. Cheap destinations are the way forward for stag groups and stag havens such as Belgrade, Bucharest and Sofia are ruling the roost in this arena.   4. Moving away from stripper based services: Boys, its official, strippers and stripper-based services are a thing of the past; branded as old-fashioned and out of touch. Instead of heading to the strip club or getting private strip shows, the lads are thinking outside the box and indulging in alternative, less obvious activities. Future wives and girlfriends will definitely be pleased with this one.   5. Prank oriented: This isn’t a new trend per say, as we all know that boys love a good prank, and pranking the stag has been around for donkey’s years. However, prank orientated stag activities are making a serious comeback and this time they are more creative than ever before. Think actors dressed up as police men, ‘rabid’ dog attacks and gangster-style bouncers!   To see what activities, destinations and pranks we can offer for stag groups looking to travel on any budget, head into our website and get surfing – let the fun begin!