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5 Activities Football Loving Stag Groups Need to Try

Football season has kicked off to a great start and for footie loving stag groups embarking on a stag do abroad, there are plenty of fun activities that incorporate our favourite game.

Here, Eventhuse have listed five of our top activities that involve a kick about for stags wanting more than just catching the game at a local pub.

1) Five a side Football

Perfect for stag groups of around 10 people, Five-a-side Footy is an excellent way to not only get your football fix while you are abroad on your stag do, but also to incorporate something of a workout into your debauched itinerary of drinking and partying.
Fast and furious, five-a-side can get competitive when you’re competing with your boys – so may the best team win, and the losers can buy the first round at the pub later on.


2) Foot Darts

Combining two of the world’s favourite pub sports – football and darts obviously – Foot Darts is the ultimate lads’ activity for those of you who consider yourselves as having fancy footwork and the aim of a sniper.
Take aim and kick the ball at the oversized Velcro dart board to score, and keep your eye on the bullseye for extra points.

Credit:  USA TODAY Sports


3) Foot Golf

As the name suggests this is another killer sporting combo, merging the beautiful game with the ultimate gents’ activity – golf.
Foot Golf sees players replace the golf club with their feet, and scoring points by kicking the oversized ball around a putting field and into the larger-than-normal holes. It takes skill and precision, but we challenge you to try for a hole in one!


4) Bubble Football

It doesn’t get sillier or ridiculously funnier than Bubble Football. This is the perfect option for stag groups looking for a kick about with one catch: non-stop laughter.
Imagine a normal footie pitch, but all the players will have to put on a life-size inflatable bubble around the upper half of their body – needless to say it makes playing football tricky, but the belly aching laughter will make it all worth your while.

Credit: PC Gaming FTW


5) Binocular Football

Imagine playing football when you are totally pissed off your heads. Sounds funny right? It is! This is one of the newer activities kicking around on the stag scene.
You’ll all head out onto the pitch, everything seems normal until you put on your special binoculars and suddenly everything is a bit wonky; your sense of distance and dimension is totally warped making it almost impossible to kick the ball around, let alone walk in a straight line.
You’re footie skills might seem off but you’ll end up pissing yourselves laughing so it won’t matter.


If you fancy incorporating any of these awesome games into your stag event abroad, head into our Eventhuse stag home page and see which destinations and activities work for you and your team!

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