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10 ways to convince your other half to go on the Stag Party

We all know what stag dos today entail. There will be drinking, there might be strippers; there’ll probably be some hard-core partying, dares, games and general debauchery. Women know this and so when it comes to their men heading off on a lads tour of some foreign country where the women are gorgeous and the beer is cheap, is not necessarily them most heart-warming thought. You don’t want to miss out on the fun so here are 10 tips to try when broaching the subject with your better half.

1. Get Her in a Good Mood

It is always a good idea to try and get your partner in a good mood before you break the news to her that you want to go on a stag holiday where alcohol and strippers are likely to be involved. Cook her a candlelit dinner, give her a back rub, watch her favourite series with her or bring her flowers – and THEN drop your request!

2. Reassure Her

If your relationship is strong and based on trust, you should be able to reassure your other half that you will be good and she has nothing to worry about. Women love compliments and romance, so tell her you love her, she is beautiful and you only have eyes for her. Tell her you aren’t interested in strippers or topless waitresses and you don’t need anyone but her!

3. Turn the Tables -Ask her to put herself in your shoes

A good technique to get someone to see your point of view is to ask them to put themselves in your shoes. If her best friend invited her on a hen do abroad, would she expect you to let her go? If so, as the old saying goes, “What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander.”

4. Listen and be Understanding

While you may feel she is overreacting and being unreasonable, to her, all those worries and insecurities are very real. All any woman really wants from her partner is to feel that she is being listened to and understood. Tell her you understand where she is coming from and then see point 2.

5. Promise to call her regularly

If you are going abroad for your friends stag do, she is probably worrying about being away from you and not having any idea what you are doing. Stag dos can have a tendency to lean towards debauchery so without you there, her mind will be imagining the worst. Don’t give her more reason to worry and promise to call, text, face time or Skype regularly throughout your trip

6. Promise her gifts from the destination

Put a positive spin on your stag trip abroad by promising to regale your partner with gifts, trinkets and souvenirs from your trip. This will make her feel that you will be thinking about her while you are away with the boys, and will give her something to look forward to upon your return – other than you coming back unscathed of course.

7. Set rules and boundaries

If she is really worried about what will happen on the stag do, tell her you are willing to set some rules and boundaries. You can come up with these rules together so you both agree on the terms. Maybe she doesn’t mind you being in a strip club, but draws the line at you getting a lap dance. Relationships are about compromise after all.

8. Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy in all relationships so tell the truth about what is planned for the stag do. If she knows exactly what will be going on while you are away, she will feel much more secure and happier. Also telling her the truth will make her trust you more and will mean she’s more likely to let you go!

9. Leave your credit card at home

If its money that she’s is worried about – more precisely you spending too much of it – then tell her you will set yourself a daily budget and leave your credit cards at home. This has the added benefit of you not spending too much during the stag trip abroad.

10. Promise you’ll go on a romantic trip upon your return

Maybe, just maybe, it’s the idea of you having fun and being abroad without her that is making her feel uncomfortable. Instead of arguing with her about it, plan a romantic trip together either when you come back or before you go.

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