So, your best mate asked you to be his best man! Great news! After the initial honour and happiness has subsided, you are going to have to start taking the role seriously because boy have you got a couple of massive jobs in front of you!

First up – you’ll probably have to plan the stag do, which means ensuring that a group of lads all have an epic and memorable time, and then you’ll have to keep hundreds of wedding guests entertained during your best man speech – no pressure!

If your worried about making a tool out of yourself in front of so many people, take a look at this list of 10 things you should avoid talking about and you should be good to go!



Don’t talk about yourself

Unless you are explaining how you and the groom met or referring to your relationship with him, there is no need to talk about yourself at any point in the speech. This is not your moment in the spotlight, you are there because this is your best mate’s big day so keep it relevant.


Don’t talk about the exes

Couples don’t like hearing about each other’s exes at the best of times, so imagine how much they don’t want to hear stories about their past lovers and loves on the day they are getting married. It will be awkward and uncomfortable so just don’t do it.


Don’t offend the bride or her family

This is her day, she has probably been dreaming about it since she was a little girl and her parents and her extended family are all here to watch their little girl get married so don’t ruin it for them by being offensive in your speech. Say nice things about her, tell her she looks beautiful, thank the family for being there and wish them the best.


Don’t talk about money

Money is awkward. People don’t like talking about it or hearing other people talking about it so there is no need to bring up how much the groom paid for the engagement ring, how much the bridal gown was or how much the parents had to fork out on the wedding. Even in joke format, money matters are a major no no.


Don’t rip the groom to shreds

Making the audience laugh during the best man speech is the ultimate result, but doing it at the expense of the groom is not cool. Light teasing and friendly banter is one thing, but shaming him on his big day is inappropriate and won’t go down well with any of the guests.


Don’t tell loads of inside jokes

Don’t forget that you are presenting your speech in front of hundreds of people who know the bride and groom from many different walks of life so don’t go into long elaborate details about inside jokes that only a handful of people will find funny. You’ll lose their interest and trust us – you’ll struggle to win them back.


Don’t diss marriage

You are at a wedding, regardless of your own personal opinions about marriage, don’t spoil it for everyone else by making negative comments or snide remarks. This is a day to be happy and celebrate marriage, not tell jokes about nagging wives and depleted sex life. On that note…


Don’t make it dirty

If it can’t be said in front of Grandma or little cousin Mary, then don’t say it at all. A wedding is not the time to tell smutty sex jokes or tales of drunken debauchery. Keep that stuff to the stag do and keep your jokes on the PG side for the wedding.


Don’t get all soppy

We know you are happy to see your boy get married and move into the next chapter of adulthood, but don’t start crying about it and making yourself look like a weepy sap. Its awkward for everyone watching and people are there to have a laugh and a good time not comfort a teary-eyed wimp.


Don’t bring up the couples past issues

Every couple has had their ups and downs, their break ups and make ups and their personal issues. Their wedding is not the time to bring this up. Focus on the bright future they have together rather than rehashing the past and bringing back negative memories.



So now that you have the speech under control, it’s time to start planning the stag do! Bringing in the experts is always a good idea and we are here to do the hard work so you don’t have to. Choose your European Stag Destination and our experts will guarantee you’ll all leave happy stags!  

Posted on: 15 October 2016

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