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10 Things to do on a Hen Trip to Krakow

Bar Hopping in the Jewish Quarter
With more charmingly quirky bars, trendy hipster pubs and dance-till-you-drop night clubs to choose from, Krakow’s exciting night life scene can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. Local knowledge is always invaluable, and if you ask any clued-up resident they’ll tell you to start in Kazimierz – otherwise known as the Jewish Quarter. Once the poorest, most rundown part of town, the Jewish Quarter now pulsates with life and energy, as the centre of alternative, edgy and artistic counter culture, making it a hot spot for dinner and drinks or a great place to start a guided hen night bar crawl.


Krakow is not just brimming full of vibrant bars, eclectic markets and fabulous restaurants, it is also a veritable time capsule of history, mythology and tradition. Just outside the city is the remains of Auschwitz concentration camp which can be visited on a day trip, and the inner city of Krakow itself is one of the oldest in Poland, and a dream to discover with ancient monuments, historically iconic buildings and symbolic architecture at every turn. Take it in on foot or do it in style on a bespoke hen city tour in a luxury hummer complete with champagne and a stripper.

Krakow Hen Weekend Activities


Savour some local flavours
They may not be as internationally renowned for their culinary prowess as the French or the Italians, but the Poles create some of the most mouth-watering delicacies this side of Europe. Hen holidays are all about trying new things and being adventurous so why not wrap your lips around some of the local delights… We mean the food! Try the warm, homely traditional cuisine at an authentic Polish restaurant or head out on the town to discover some of the more contemporary twists to the dining scene. A hen dinner is also a great chance to sample some of Poland’s delicious local wine.

Visit Forum Hotel
There is something strangely alluring and mysterious about an abandoned building and Krakow is certainly making the most of this concept at Forum Hotel. This abandoned old Soviet-era hotel has been taken over by a collective of creative young pioneers who have transformed its once derelict lobby into the towns cooled and most original bar. The grassy riverbanks outside the hotel are dotted with sun loungers and beanbags for outdoor drinking and the Forum Mody pop-up shop next door showcases some of the best emerging fashion designers in the city. Drinking and shopping in one place – it’s a hen dream come true. Watch the sunset over Wawel Castle with a local Polish beer at Forum Hotel after a hen boat cruise for a perfect hen day out in Krakow.


Taste Traditional Polish Vodka
The Poles have been downing Vodka for centuries and the tradition still stands today. But we’re not talking weak, watered down, commercialised vodka. Drinking this potent liqueur with a mixer or even ice is considered sacrilege in Poland and when the local tipple has so many delicious varieties, from sweet wiśniówka cherry flavoured types or tangy cytrynówka lemon flavoured species to spicy pieprzówka pepper infused selections, it’s easy to see why they don’t want it tainted with juices or Red Bull. An excellent way to go local is by taking your hen group to visit a traditional Vodka bar, or go to a dedicated Vodka Tasting session. And if Vodka’s not your vice of choice, Krakow also has some excellent local wines that you can try at a wine tasting gathering.


Vodka Tasting

Market shopping
Krakow is home to one of the largest main market square’s in Europe and a stroll around the quaint little artisan stalls dotted around the square is a wonderful way to see the arts and crafts of the region. Beautiful amber jewellery, traditional ethnic scarves and bags, carved wooden ornaments and intricately painted ceramics are just some of the traditional Polish souvenirs you can take back from your hen trip. And if all the shopping gets tiring, stop of at the melted smoked cheese stall and refuel with some of these sinfully delicious morsels covered in jam!


Take a party bus
Ok – so for anyone who doesn’t know, a party bus is literally a party – music, drinks, friends, party hats, streamers, balloons and all – which takes place on a private bus as it drives through the city of Krakow. This is not only an extremely unique and incredibly fun way to throw a celebratory, over the top hen party; it’s also an ingenious way to see the city. The buses interior makes for a great dance floor, there are plenty of chairs for tired hens, and you never know who you might be able to pick up when the bus stops at the traffic lights!


Take a Class
Learning new things about the culture in the city you visit on your hen holiday is always a great way to really get under the skin of your location and with such a rich and diverse set of local cultures and traditions living alongside more modern and multinational influences, Krakow is a great place to pick up a new talent. You could try something traditional like Chocolate Bon-Bon making or take a Polish cooking class or maybe go for something decadent or debauched like a Cocktail making a pole dancing class a belly dancing lesson or a burlesque class


Get outdoors
Just outside Krakow lies a gloriously green landscape of countryside, mountains and quaint little Polish villages where rural life can be seen first-hand. Getting outside and enjoying nature is a great way to spend some quality time with your hen group and also experience the peaceful lull of life outside the bustling city of Krakow. It’s also a great opportunity to try some outdoor activities such as Paintballing, Water Rafting or Go karting.


Enjoy a strip show
I know it’s not really destination specific – Let’s face it you don’t have to go all the way to Krakow just to see a naked man – but when you’re travelling as a hen group, you’ll all be entertained if you indulge in a deliciously exclusive strip show. Those Polish boys are famous for their chiselled good looks and boyish charms and seeing them remove each item of clothing just for you is tantalisingly pleasurable. You can either opt for a Chippendale show, hire a private stripper for the group or better yet, get some scantily clad waiters to serve you food and drinks in the buff.

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