There are so many reasons why stag groups should choose Budapest for their big event but we don’t have time to write about all of them because we’re too busy organising epic stag dos! So, for groups who are still unsure about whether the Hungarian capital really is for them, here are Eventhuse’s top 10 reasons to help you decide.

  • Accessibility

Budapest makes a great stag destination because it is so easy to get to. Budget airlines fly their regularly and it only takes a couple of hours from most European countries.


  • Affordable

Stags on a budget will find Budapest an extremely friendly option. The beer is cheap and delicious while eating, partying, accommodation and stag activities are all very affordable.


  • Rich Culture

The city of Budapest is architecturally charming, culturally rich and historically fascinating. The art scene is big here and alternative culture thrives in the younger artistic districts.      


  • Safety

The world is getting less and less safe to travel around, but stag groups to Budapest need not worry as the destination really is one of the safest in Europe. But that doesn’t mean you should leave your wallet or phone out, unsupervised!  


  • Nightlife

Previously unremarkable, Budapest has shot to fame for its unique nightlife scene which offers something for everyone, as well as some surprisingly unique touches that ensure the country stands out from the crowd.


  • Ruin Bars

One of the most unique elements about Budapest’s nightlife are the amazingly quirky and alternative Ruin Bars. Located in innovatively and artistically repurposed abandoned buildings, these Ruin Bars are an absolute must, for stag groups in Budapest.


Located on a network of 125 natural thermal springs, Budapest is a top spot to try out traditional Hungarian thermal baths. Just like the ancient Roman spas, except that some of these places come with a modern twist; late night parties for those who like getting wet!


  • Gorgeous Women

It shouldn’t be a criterion for selecting a stag destination, but as a cherry on the top, the women in Budapest are some of the most beautiful and mysteriously seductive on Earth.


The list is endless and whatever you are into, you’ll find a wealth of activities to suit your tastes and needs, from beer bike tours and brewery visits, to bubble football and gun shooting.


  • Ongoing Concerts and Events

As the capital of Hungary, Budapest is home to some excellent annual events, concerts and other events that would be an awesome addition to any stag do.


And these are just a handful of the multiple reasons why Budapest is a top stag destination in Europe. Find out more by visiting our Budapest stag page to see what’s on offer for groups looking to make some epic memories.