Prague is one of Europe’s favourite destinations. The cheap booze, great nightlife, incredible history and culture and of course the stunning local ladies, all add up to a recipe for success.
But before you head off on your adventure in the bohemian capital, we have created a comprehensive list of tips that will help you on your way to the best weekend ever!

  1. Book Flights in Advance
  2. Travel off Season
  3. Check out the Alternative Nightlife
  4. Find the Perfect Accommodation
  5. Try the Local Beer
  6. Soak up the Local Culture
  7. Taste the Delicious Cuisine
  8. Get Out and Get Active
  9. Test your Tolerance with An Absinthe Night

Book Flights in Advance

We all know what airlines are like. You check the tickets in advance and they’re dirt cheap, but head back to the site a month or two later and the prices will have skyrocketed.
Prague is a popular stag destination and budget flights are in demand. Check for tickets well in advance to ensure you don’t have to pay through the roof.  

Travel Off Season

As we’ve already mentioned (this is related to the prior point), Prague is a popular destination, and that’s not just for stag group’s looking to get their party on in the capital. The city is also a tourist hot-spot, meaning peak times like Easter, summer and Christmas can get pretty busy.
Think about heading over outside peak travel seasons or school holidays to make sure you aren’t surrounded by snap happy tourists.  

Check out the Alternative Nightlife

There are many reasons why Prague is considered such a group travel haven, and one of those reasons is the city’s epic party culture. When it comes to nightlife, Prague really does offer something for everyone. Fancy cocktail bars, lads footie pubs and all-night clubs.
But for stags looking for something a little more unique, the city has an awesome underground, alternative nightlife scene that is well worth uncovering.  

Find the Perfect Accommodation

Finding the perfect accommodation for a group of lads can be tricky, especially in a high demand city like Prague. Rather than splitting the group up between different hotels (which is less likely to happen if you book early), we recommend finding accommodation that will fit you all and give you the freedom to come and go as you please, wake up when you want and generally get a bit rowdy.
Apartments are always ideal for larger groups and can be found in abundance in the centre of the city.

Try the Local Beer

Prague (and indeed the whole of the Czech Republic for that matter), is famous for brewing some of the world’s best beers, and a stag do in Prague would be incomplete without hitting the pubs to taste the local brews.
Another great way to get stuck into the beer culture is by heading on a Brewery Tour to learn how the masters brew to perfection. An alternative though (and our top tip) is to explore the city whilst getting your drink on, and this can be done with the Beer Bike. Tired after a day of activities, then why not try out the Beer Spa?

Soak up the Local Culture

We know that stags are usually all about the booze, the clubs and the ladies. However, Prague is also a fascinating cultural and historical hotspot, with plenty to keep you occupied if you need a break from the alcohol. Explore the Old Town, wathe the Astronomical clock strik and hour or visit the Prague Castle are just a few of the options we recommend.

Taste the Delicious Cuisine

Instead of spending the whole week cramming in as much fast food and junk as you can, why not take the opportunity to chow down on some traditional delicacies from the Czech Republic.
Local food is cheap and delicious and offers a great insight into the local culture. You won’t regret it.  

Get Out and Get Active

Quaad Bike in Prague

In and around Prague, there are some really great options for getting active and getting outdoors.
Unique stag activities in Prague will enhance your weekend.
Quad Biking, River Rafting and Tank Driving, are as unique as they get and are just a short drive away from the capital so you’ll be back in time for beer o’clock!  

*Special Mentions for highly recommended Activities:

  • Private River Cruise on Vltava River
  • Car Destroying
  • Bobsleigh
  • Footdarts

Test your Tolerance with an Absinthe Night

Once the bohemian capital of Europe, Prague is home to one of the most potent spirits in the world – absinthe.
Known to make people hallucinate, this drink is illegal in a large number of countries and its 40-90 percent alcohol content means you need to have a good tolerance to really take it like a man.
See how many you can take before you see the famous green absinthe fairy.  

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George Tsangarides - Managing Director

Posted on: 26 September 2017

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