Most people haven’t even heard of Hydrospeeding yet and that is because this crazy activity is only for those with a serious yearning for a hit of extreme sport adventure. You’ve seen surfers body boarding in the sea right? Well this is a similar concept but replace the sea with a raging river. Just like white water rafting you’ll have to navigate your way through the rapids but instead of a raft you’ll just have a bodyboard to float on! You’ll have a 30-minute lesson before you hit the waves, followed by one hour of action packed hydrospeeding. Safety equipment is included and we can guarantee some epic stories to tell once your back on dry land!

For this Stag Activity, the Price Includes:

  • A local guide
  • 30 minutes instructions + 60 minutes hydrospeeding
  • Safety equipment
  • Instructor
  • Minimum 6 person requirement