You’ve got the uni mates on one side and work colleagues on the other, and in the middle are a hotch potch of brothers, uncles, dad’s and cousin’s. You need something to break the ice. Well there is nothing like a bit of friendly competition to spice up the action on your stag holiday and a great way to get the team spirit burning is by heading out for a day of Grand Prix Go Karting in Bucharest. The activity will start with a warm up race followed by a qualifier, and then the final Grand Prix race. Any bad losers can have their sorrows drowned with beers after the main event. May the best man win.

For this Stag Activity, the Price Includes:

  • A local guide
  • Transportation to and from the venue
  • A warm up race (10 minutes with Karts of 6.5 hp)
  • A qualifier and the finals (10 minutes for each qualifier and finals with Karts of 13 hp)
  • Up to 10 persons qualify for the finals
  • Food and Beverages available on site
  • Minimum 10 person requirement for the activity

Note: Track is approximately 1240m long! A form of ID is required