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Dog Attack

Want to test how much of a man your stag really is? Take him out into the Polish wilderness and unleash a trained attack dog on him and see how he han …Read more

Krakow Stag Do Day Activities, Pranks
Car Destroying

There is nothing more satisfyingly cathartic than smashing up a car. You’ve seen it in the movies and on TV, and now it’s your turn so get ready to ch …Read more

Prague Stag Do Day Activities

So how’s’ about this for your Prague stag do. The hovercraft provides the perfect adrenaline rush experience, during which you will be able to ride th …Read more

Prague Stag Do Day Activities
Jet Ski

We know. Its not an activity you would expect to have available to you on a stag do in the capital city of Bulgaria, but here at Eventhuse, we like to …Read more

Sofia Stag Do Day Activities
White Water Rafting

Discover the water rafting experience during your stag do on the river Vltava in Prague. The fresh outdoor air blowing in your face as you and your te …Read more

Prague Stag Do Day Activities
Virtual Reality Experience

Put your gear on, choose your experience and get ready to be lured into a new and totally unexpected world of virtual reality. Whether it be shoot’em …Read more

Bucharest Stag Do Day Activities
Trampoline Park – Dodgeball

You’ve all either seen the movie of heard of Dodgeball, right? Well now imagine the game on trampolines – faster, harder, much bouncier and all round …Read more

Sofia Stag Do Day Activities
Bridge Swinging

Bridge Swinging is basically the new bungee jumping, but rather then jumping with an elastic rope which will bounce back when it reaches its maximum p …Read more

Bratislava Stag Do Day Activities
Private River Cruise with Stripper

You know the old saying, when in Rome, do as the Romans do? Well, we say, scrap that, and instead, when in Budapest, do what the stag groups do and he …Read more

Budapest Stag Do Day Activities
Offroad Jeep Safari

There are always those who want wild nights on their stag in Ayia Napa, but why not take a little break from it all and enjoy the natural beauty the i …Read more

Ayia Napa Stag Do Day Activities
Quad Biking Safari

These all-terrain vehicles are the perfect way to experience the rough but beautiful scenery of Ayia Napa on your stag weekend. Exhilaration abounds f …Read more

Ayia Napa Stag Do Day Activities

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