If you could dream up the perfect stag do dinner, what would it include? Burgers and a stripper come pretty high up on the list, right? Well we’ve turned your dream stag do dinner into an epic stag dinner reality, by serving up the juiciest burger, with a side of super sexy stripper to really get you boys hot under the collar. It doesn’t get much better than this, so just let your inner 16-year-old out to finally live his fantasy and enjoy the experience lads. And remember – what happens on tour, stays on tour.

For this Stag Activity, the Price Includes:

  • A local guide
  • 2 hour table reservation
  • Burger and chips with 2 beers to wash it down
  • A lovely female stripper to perform for 3 songs in private room with focus on the stag
  • Minimum 10 person requirement