Ayia Napa

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Ayia Napa is now the party capital of Cyprus and the number one destination for a Hen Party seeking fun in the sun. Boasting gorgeous weather throughout the entire year, Ayia Napa is the perfect destination to meet your desires for great food, great beaches situated on crystal blue waters, stylish bars and amazing clubs, and tons of exciting activities on land or in the Mediterranean Sea.

Key Facts
Currency: Euro
Official Language: Greek and English
Dialling Code: +357
Emergency Number: 112

Floating serenely in the Mediterranean Sea just off the coast of Greece, Turkey and Lebanon, Cyprus is a little pocket of summer paradise – and Ayia Napa is its heart and soul. Framed by a coastline which boasts some of the best beaches and coves in the world, Ayia Napa is the ultimate location for sun, sea, sand and… snorkelling! The food is delicious, the people are friendly and welcoming, the sun shines almost 365 days a year, the party never stops and the activities are endless, and suited to every taste and preference. Want to laze on the beach all day? You can. Want to take your hen group on an adrenalin fuelled tour of the pristine coastline on quad bikes? Check. Want to have a wild night out, dancing and drinking till sunrise? Easy. Ayia Napa has something for everyone. 


Top Things to Do

  1. Rent a Buggy or Quad Bike: Adventurous hen’s, speedsters and adrenalin junkies will love this activity which will let you explore a bit more of the beautiful coast around Ayia Napa.
  2. Go Snorkelling: Ayia Napa is one big long party. Beach raves during the day roll into all-night-long drinking, dancing and debauchery. Get away from it all and indulge in the peace of the underwater world with a spot of snorkelling in warm lagoons and secret coves.
  3. Test the Rides at the Water Park: Although Ayia Napa has enough beaches to keep you and your hen group occupied all week, a great alternative activity is a visit to the local water park, where rides are aptly named after the Ancient Greeks, and the fun is guaranteed.
  4. Spend the Day at Nissi Beach: Powder soft white sand, crystal clear turquoise water, great music pumping from lively beach bars packed with hot half naked men. Do we need to give any more reasons why a day at Ayia Napa’s top beach is a great idea for any hen group looking for a wet and wild day out in the sun?  

Nissi Beach


  1. Go Clubbing: If Ayia Napa is famous for one thing, it’s the party atmosphere. Once the sun goes down, the village turns into an adult theme park. The bars and clubs that line the main streets come to life with the music blaring and the drinks flowing. In Ayia Napa anything goes. This is not a party destination for the faint hearted!
  2. Eat at a Fish Tavern: Located directly on the sea, Ayia Napa is a haven for fresh fish, octopus and squid. Treat your hen group to a fresh fish and seafood mezze in one of Ayia Napa’s atmospheric fish taverns right on the seafront.
  3. Watch the sunset at Cape Greco: It may be a sweeping statement, but Cape Greco is possibly one of the most beautiful spots in Ayia Napa, if not on the whole island. Just ten minutes from Ayia Napa by quad bike or buggy this hilltop outcrop is the perfect location for a sunset photo shoot with the girls. Take up some champagne and watch the sun dip behind the horizon and turn to sky to orange, pink and red.
  4. Go on a Bar Crawl: Ayia Napa has enough bars to last a lifetime, a great way for your hen group to visit as many as possible is to go on a bar crawl. Test your alcohol tolerance with a shot in each bar or make up a great hen game to mingle with the opposite sex!


Top Hen Activities in Ayia Napa

Parasailing: When the bars finally shut in the morning, the other side of Ayia Napa wakes up inviting adventurous hen group to try exciting activities such as parasailing. What could be more fun than parachuting high in the air out at sea behind a motorboat!

Pirate Boat Cruise: Just like the wildest craziest hen in your group, Ayia Napa will seize any excuse and any opportunity to party whether it’s on the beach, in a club or even out at sea. The Pirate Boat Cruise has become something of an iconic Ayia Napa institution, so why not cross the gangplank and embark on a piratical adventure matey!

Bungee Jumping: Nissi Beach is the ultimate place to party, sunbathe and beautiful people watch, but how about bungee jumping of a crane right over the packed beach. Have you got the gut? This is an activity reserved for the most daring of hens. 

Bungee Jump

Under Sea Walking: For a hen activity with a difference, go for a day trip walking under the sea. Yes you heard right – walking under the sea. Clad in your own astronaut style space helmet attached to an oxygen source, you can literally walk along the bottom of the sea bed and watch the fishes swim around you.


What to Eat

Mezze, Halloumi, Souvlaki, Octopus, Calamari, Fresh Fish
DINE OUT @ Napa Tavern. This is where the locals eat, a sure sign that it’s the best spot in town.


What to Drink

Local beers: Keo, Leon
Spirits: Zivania, Ouzo, Mastiha
DRINK OUT @ Yabba Napa Doo for an authentically gimmicky Ayia Napa Experience; Heaven Rock Garden for head banging with the grungy metal heads, River Reggae for after-hours sunrise drinking in a hillside bar with a pool.


Exclusive Destination Events

Ayia Napa Cultural Festival: February
Cyprus Salsa Congress at the Grecian Park Hotel: March
Party Hard Bar Crawl: Every Tuesday from May 19 – September 8
FOAM party at Club Ice: Every Thursday from June 11 – August 27
Kandi Beach Party Event: Every Friday from May 29 – August 28
Mayhem Bar Crawl: Every Saturday from May 16 – September 5
Paralimni Cultural Festival: July/September
Ayia Napa International Festival: September
Medieval Festival: October
Ayia Napa Cultural Winter: November


Public Transport

Cyprus may be famous for its open arms hospitality, its year round warm sunny weather, its stunning beaches and its delicious fresh food, but it is NOT famous for its public transport. There are some public buses running from Larnaca to Ayia Napa which cost around 2 euro but you’ll be hard pressed to find a time table or any form of regular schedule.
You’re better of booking one of our one-way or return transfers for important airport pickups, or go all out with a limousine transfer.
Most people in Ayia Napa either rent out motorbikes, quad bikes or buggies. It’s fun and inexpensive – just be careful of the Cypriot drivers!

Limousine Cruise



What can we say. With some 364 days of sunshine a year, you are pretty much guaranteed gorgeous summery weather whenever you choose to visit this little island paradise. Ok, sometime between January and February the island’s warm blooded inhabitants lock themselves inside when the temperature goes down into the single digits. Otherwise, May to September is HOT HOT HOT. March to May is warm and the island is beautiful, green and full of flowers, and finally in October and November the sea is warm, the days are mild and the evenings are cool and fresh. Take your pick – whenever you choose you’ll be rewarded with sunshine, blue skies and fresh sea air!


Useful Costs

Cost of a good mezze in a restaurant: 20-40 Euro
Cost of a Souvlaki: 5 Euro
Cost of a pint of beer: 3-4 Euro
Cost of a cocktail in a club: 8-10 Euro
Cost of a bottle of water: 1.50 Euro
Cost of a Cappuccino: 4 Euro
Cost of a one way ticket on the bus: 1-2 Euro
Cost of Taxi (min): 3.50 Euro 

Tip from a Local

“Book in advance to ensure you get a table at the best Mexican restaurant in Cyprus – Los Banditos! Once you’ve secured your place, make sure you tell the staff it’s your birthday. You’ll get special treatment all night including sparklers and fun Mexican hats. Drink the strawberry Margarita – it’s to die for” – Christina, Nicosia.


Did You Know?

  • Although now brimming full of party animals and fun seekers, Ayia Napa was – not so long ago just a quiet little fishing village.
  • Ayia Napa is not all clubs, pubs and drunken debauchery, the beach resort boasts an ancient aqueduct, a 14th century monastery, a Thalassa maritime museum and a couple of cute little churches.
  • While the local population of Ayia Napa and the surrounding Famagusta district is around 3,000, this number increases to over ten times this amount in the peak summer months.
  • Derived from a Venetian-era monastery of the same name, Ayia Napa literally means holy wooded valley. This unlikely name was given to the party town because in ancient times the area surrounding the town was covered with thick forest.