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Budapest Reviews

Your stag do in Budapest

All you need to know

Budapest is an absolute gem of a city and one of the best places for a stag weekend abroad. Often described as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Budapest is actually comprised of two cities that straddle the Danube River. The fabulous food, the free-flowing booze, the friendly locals and fantastic party culture, combined with all of our stag activities make it one of our top destinations for a stag party.

Budapest is split into two fairly distinctive parts; Buda is perfect for the sophisticated, refined gentleman who appreciates the finer things in life; an exquisite meal, a world-class bottle of wine, VIP drinking establishments and high calibre entertainment. Pest on the other hand is the rebellious younger brother. This is where the hip, creative young sub culture comes out to play. The music is underground, the bars are gritty and the lifestyle is cheap.

The two sides work together in harmony creating a destination that can be enjoyed by everyone. Budapest offers the best of both worlds for stag groups with traditional activities such as partying, nightlife, strippers and booze, or alternative ideas such as Airsoft shooting or bobsledding.

Cost of a good meal in a restaurant: 1200-3000 HUF
Cost of a pint of beer: 300-500 HUF
Cost of a glass of wine: 400-600 HUF
Cost of a Cappuccino: 400-500 HUF
Cost of a one way ticket on the bus: 350 HUF
Cost of Taxi: 250-300 HUF
Cost of a museum ticket: 800-1,500 HUF

  • Budapest is actually divided in two parts separated by the river Danube. Buda is a bit posher and upmarket, while Pest is more hipster and alternative
  • Clinking your beer glasses together when you say “cheers” is frowned upon and considered bad luck
  • Budapest’s Parliament building is the third largest in the world
  • The famous Budapest underground system, or Metro as it is known by locals, is the oldest in mainland Europe
  • Budapest wasn’t always the capital city of Hungary. Until the 13th century the capital was Esztergom

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