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Get the lowdown on Budapest

Budapest is an absolute gem of a city and one of the best places for a stag weekend abroad. Often described as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Budapest is actually comprised of two cities that straddle the Danube River. The fabulous food, the free-flowing booze, the friendly locals and fantastic party culture, combined with all of our stag activities make it one of our top destinations for a stag party.

Budapest is split into two fairly distinctive parts; Buda is perfect for the sophisticated, refined gentleman who appreciates the finer things in life; an exquisite meal, a world-class bottle of wine, VIP drinking establishments and high calibre entertainment. Pest on the other hand is the rebellious younger brother. This is where the hip, creative young sub culture comes out to play. The music is underground, the bars are gritty and the lifestyle is cheap.
The two sides work together in harmony creating a destination that can be enjoyed by everyone. Budapest offers the best of both worlds for stag groups with traditional activities such as partying, nightlife, strippers and booze, or alternative ideas such as Airsoft shooting or bobsledding.

 Key Facts

Currency: Hungarian Forint
Official Language: Hungarian
Dialling Code: +36
Emergency Number: 112
Population: +3.3 million

 Top Things to Do


  1. Go for a tour of the Parliament: Stag dos don’t usually involve politics, but a visit to Budapest’s iconic Parliament is well worth taking a time out from beer guzzling for.
  2. Take in the view from the Fisherman’s Bastion: The building itself looks like something out of a Disney classic, but the views from the neo-Gothic Fisherman’s Bastion span the whole city. This is a great place to grab a couple of cold beers and watch the sun go down before a big stag night out.
  3. Cross the Chain Bridge from Buda to Pest: Buda or Pest? Come on, everyone has a favourite side? If you can’t decide, just go back and forth across the Chain Bridge until you make a decision. One thing’s for sure is that there are plenty of exhilarating and entertaining stag activities to enjoy on both sides of Hungary’s quirky capital.
  4. Eat at the Central Market Hall: A man’s got to eat, especially when drinking copious amounts of alcohol all day long. So for an authentically local stag experience in Budapest, visit the Central Market Hall where stall after mouth-watering stall is piled with some of the most traditional Hungarian delicacies in town.
  5. Visit a Thermal Bath: Ok, Ok, we know baths and spas are a bit girly, but on the upside that means they’ll be full of… girls. But seriously, for an alternative stag activity that will guarantee relaxation and all round wellbeing, visit one of the many Thermal Bath houses in Budapest. Some even become nightclubs after hours.


  1. Experience the nightlife: Hungary has some excellent party opportunities and Budapest is its hub. Your stag do it the perfect chance to really take the party to the next level, and go wild. After all, what goes on tour stays on tour.
  2. Go on a Pub Crawl: There are any number of awesome bars in Budapest that will get you in the mood for a night of partying Stag style! A Pub Crawl is a good idea if you want to ensure you make it to the best drinking spots in town.
  3. Go for a slap up Hungarian meal: Hungarian food is rich, meaty and perfect for lining the stomach before a big night exploring the cities party scene. Indulge in a spot of civilised stag dining in a local Budapest restaurant.
  4. Have a drink at a Ruin Bar: Ruin bars have become a famous Budapest institution and are perfect for a stag do drinkathon on a budget. Taking old dilapidated abandoned buildings and turning them into achingly cool, conveniently cheap and effortlessly grungy places to party the night away, Budapest’s ruin bars have become top stag hot spots.

 Top Stag Activities in Budapest

  1. Trabant Trek: Fancy jumping into a rusty old 50’s Trabant and zooming around Budapest in it for a day? Yep, we thought it was a good stag activity too! While a Trabant Tour will allow you to see lots of the cities sights, it also offers a unique glimpse into Hungary’s history.
  2. Kick off Stag Dinner: This is a great idea for the first night of your stag do in Budapest. Start as you mean to go on with a huge traditional Hungarian meal, shots of the local spirit Palinka, and as much beer as you can drink.
  3. Hire a Budapest Beer Bike: This is the ultimate in stag do fun. Jump on a multi-person bike cart complete with its own beer keg and sexy barmaid, and then cycle around Budapest drinking and seeing the sights. What’s not to love!
  4. Horse Racing: This one is great for the gamblers in your stag group. Head out for a day of boozing and gambling at the Budapest Horse Race track. Spice up this stag activity by introducing wagers and drinking games for the winners and losers.

 What to Eat

Hearty soups, stews and game dishes, paprikás and goulash
DINE OUT @ ONYX on Vörösmarty Street for the traditional flavours of Hungarian cuisine with an excellent local wine selection

 What to Drink

Local beers: Dreher, Borsodi and Soproni
Local Wine: Sweet Tokaj wine, Egri Bikavér red win, Somló white wine
Local Liquors: Unikum, Palinka distilled fruit brandy
DRINK OUT @ Csendes Társ on Magyar Street for a casual and cool night out with the locals.

 Public Transport

Budapest is easy which is why it makes such a great location for a stag weekend. It is easy to walk around the city, it is easy to rent a bike, it’s easy to catch a bus and it’s also easy to jump on the metro.
The public transport is cheap, quick and efficient but if you feel like spending a little extra grab a taxi or rent your own transport. There are plenty of options from limo’s to hummers or run of the mill minivans!


Budapest is famous for its four pretty intense seasons. The summer is hotter than a stripper in a Jacuzzi and winter is as cold as the icy Hungarian women. However, extreme weather conditions aside there are still plenty of stag activities that can be enjoyed all year round.
Spring lasts from March until April and sees the city bathed in a freshness that clears the air before the summer, perfect weather for outdoor activities like quad biking or football.  Summer, from May to September, gets sticky, hot and humid. It’s great to be outdoors enjoying the sunshine at this time of year but we can help you come up with some top alternative ideas to keep you in the shade – a spot of Caving perhaps? Autumn lasts from September until October and although the weather is still warm, Budapest does tend to get a bit of rainfall during this time of year so bring a light waterproof jacket. Between November and March the Hungarian winter in Budapest can be bitterly cold with temperatures reaching as low as -15°C. Brrrrrr!

 Useful Costs

Cost of a good meal in a restaurant: 1200-3000 HUF
Cost of a pint of beer: 300-500 HUF
Cost of a glass of wine: 400-600 HUF
Cost of a Cappuccino: 400-500 HUF
Cost of a one way ticket on the bus: 350 HUF
Cost of Taxi: 250-300 HUF
Cost of a museum ticket: 800-1,500 HUF

 Did You Know?

  • Budapest is actually divided in two parts separated by the river Danube. Buda is a bit posher and upmarket, while Pest is more hipster and alternative.
  • Clinking your beer glasses together when you say “cheers” is frowned upon and considered bad luck.
  • Budapest’s Parliament building is the third largest in the world.
  • The famous Budapest underground system, or Metro as it is known by locals, is the oldest in mainland Europe.
  • Budapest wasn’t always the capital city of Hungary. Until the 13th century the capital was Esztergom.