Ayia Napa is now the party capital of Cyprus and the number one destination for a stag party seeking debauchery on a scale not seen since ancient Roman orgies…only with a much better club scene and fantastic beaches! 


Predicted to become the next top emerging stag destination, Bratislava seamlessly merges off-the-beaten-track appeal, with a vibrant, youth scene and a rich cultural heritage.

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With an outstanding and vibrant nightlife, underground bars and clubs, beautiful girls and an abundance of stag activities on offer, Bucharest is a perfect choice for a wild weekend away.

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With fabulous food, free-flowing booze, the friendly locals and fantastic party culture, combined with all of our stag activities, Budapest is a top destination for a stag party.

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Krakow has a little something for every type of stag party. You want it? This city has got it - and we aim to provide you with the best day and night activities that Krakow has on offer


Paphos is ideal for the stag party seeking intellectual thrills as well as a surfeit of sun, surf, and the kind of crazy party scene every stag’s last night of freedom deserves!                                         


You may already know that Prague is one of Europe’s premier stag party destinations. Prague has something to offer everyone and our stag activities are designed to showcase this incredible destination.

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Riga might look cute, quaint and cultured on the outside, but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find a hip alternative scene, with wild nightlife and unique stag activities a plenty.