Do you and the lads know your way around a gun already, or are you just fans of these powerful weapons? For the real gun enthusiast, this shooting activity is perfect to satiate your hunger!

Not only will you be taken to one of Bratislava’s newest and most modern shooting ranges, you’ll also get the chance to try out the very best guns and equipment including the caliber 9mm; the Heckeler&Koch SFP9; the Grand Power K100 and the Glock 43. We’ll provide an instructor to take you through the process and make sure you are all safety briefed and then it’s onto the range and fingers to the triggers!

For this Stag Activity, the Price Includes:

  • A local guide
  • Instructor
  • All equipment
  • 9mm Luger
  • Shooting with:
    • Heckeler & Koch SFP9
    • Grand Power K100
    • Glock 43
  • Minimum 6 person requirement
From £51 / €58 per person
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