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From £28 / €32 per person

You’re in Riga on your stag do, so chances are, you’ll probably want to see a bit of the city while you are here. Instead of wasting crucial drinking time on a city tour, why not kill two birds with one stone and take a ride on...

From £45 / €51 per person

The Jamaicans did it in Cool Runnings, and now it is your turn. Get your lucky eggs ready boys, because Riga has its very own real bobsledding track, just waiting for you guys to bomb down it in adrenaline pumping style.

From £45 / €51 per person

Think you’ve got what it takes to handle a fire-arm? Well now is your chance to find out, in the safe and controlled environment of the clay pigeon shooting range. We can’t guarantee that any clay pigeons won’t be harmed during...

From £42 / €48 per person

We know that curling is quite possibly the most random of all the Olympic sports (and there are some pretty weird ones out there, like racewalking or synchronised swimming!) but we see it as one of those things you just have to...

From £47 / €54 per person

Go-Karting shouldn’t really need an introduction, because let’s face it, who hasn’t experienced the rush of zooming around a track in one of these speedy little lumps of metal, and loved every second of the ride. Perfect for the...

From £49 / €56 per person

There’s a reason why go-karting has become one of the most popular stag activities and that is because this classic day out, guarantees endless fun, a bit of competitive banter and the chance to act like a child again as you...

From £29 / €33 per person

You all know the rules so we won’t go over the boring details, but let us just tell you that paintball has long been (and will long remain) one of the ultimate stag do classics, because let’s face it, what’s not...

From £41 / €46 per person

Get out of the centre of Riga during your stag do abroad and speed along these impressive quad biking tracks, navigating your way around turns and obstacles.

From £65 / €74 per person

For those craving adventure and adrenaline head into the woods on this beast of a machine for an hour of quad biking.

From £34 / €39 per person

There is always a first time for everything and a stag do abroad is the perfect opportunity for that. If you’ve never shot a gun and always wanted to, now is your chance!

From £59 / €67 per person

This is an activity for the trigger-happy stags amongst you, with a whopping five different guns for you to try out including the Makarov, Glock, revolver, AK47 and a shotgun!

From £33 / €37 per person

Start your European venture on your stag do in Riga with the ultimate lads activity and line up against the opposition for a game of 7 a Side Football. We have pretty much everything covered for you, from pitch...

From £49 / €56 per person

For the more adventurous Stag groups, take advantage of the summer time in Riga and go with the flow in the capitals aqua park. Don't forget the stags speedos!

From £52 / €59 per person

If you are after both a physical and strategic activity during your stag do in Riga, then Airsoft is the perfect fit.

From £40 / €45 per person

Why not experience a ride inside this huge transparent inflatable ball and roll downhill at high speed?

From £34 / €38 per person

There’s nothing like a good meal with the lads. Add a strip show to the mix and your night is off to a pretty good start.

From £8 / €9 per person

Going to a casino on your stag do in Riga is basically a given. You can’t not do it. Well, you can, but we think you’ll be missing out.

From £15 / €17 per person

Riga has some great pubs and bars and one of the best ways to uncover some of the best hidden secrets of the town is on a guided pub crawl.

From £34 / €38 per person

There are standard bar crawls and then there are bar crawls… Why not intensify the Stag’s night by having him fake arrested; handcuffed and all! But don’t feel too guilty about the prank because the strip show at...

From £41 / €46 per person

Who wouldn’t say a big fat YES to the idea of having a private sauna party with a couple of sexy strippers? Sounds like a stag wet dream come true, doesn’t it?

From £22 / €25 per person

Riga is well know for its vibrant nightlife, with bars and lounges in abundance, but what better way is there to top off the stag do with a private reservation for your group in one of the capitals hotspots.

From £34 / €39 per person

If it is beautiful eastern European babes you are looking for then you don't have to go far with this one. We have you sorted with your own private table, drinks and a table dance in one of Riga's top stripclubs.

From £34 / €39 per person

Sitting in a pub or a bar is fun and all, but why not take the party to the streets on your stag do in Riga and hire a party bus for an hour of driving around the city like the rock stars that you are!

From £40 / €45 per person

You’ve come to Riga to celebrate your stag do, what excuse can you possibly think of NOT to hire out a limo to take you on a private tour of the city complete with your own personal stripper inside and a bottle...

From £27 / €30 per person

Kick off your stag do with a two-course dinner and plenty of beer to wash it all down. Line your stomachs before your first big night out on the town and let the festivities begin!

From £14 / €16 per person

Did someone say erotic stripper? There is very little we can say about this activity that you aren’t already imagining in your heads right now. A smoking hot stripper will come to your hotel room or apartment and entertain your group with a...

From £24 / €27 per person

We're sure all men can agree on the lesbian thing. It’s hot – enough said. Well instead of just fantasising about girl-on-girl action while you’re at the office, or watching a bit of cheeky lesbian adult entertainment online, why not head to Riga...

From £34 / €38 per person

Why not start your stag do in Riga with a real bang and let us arrange to pick you boys up from the airport in your very own private limo?

From £41 / €46 per person

When it comes to stag do airport transfers, this is the mother of all choices.

From £13 / €14 per person

Organising a stag do abroad is no mean feat. We feel your pain, we really do! But instead of stressing out about trying to ferry a group of beer hungry lads around Riga, we’re here to pay attention to the details and sort out the logistics so...

From £22 / €25 per person

The most important thing on your stag do in Riga is to make sure everyone has a great time, enjoys the fun and doesn’t get stressed out with the logistics.

From £28 / €32 per person

Get the party in Riga started as soon as you land and hop aboard the party bus. This ride will kick start your stag do so you boys are ready to party, party, party all the way through the entire trip.