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From £38 / €43 per person

It’s a well-known fact that the most memorable hen dos are the ones where the group learn something new and have something to take away with them at the end of the trip, and on this unique and fun activity, you’re hen do in Prague is bound to be more than memorable.

From £22 / €25 per person

The Escape Room experience can never be given full justice in words, you just have to experience it yourself to really understand what the hype is all about.

From £47 / €54 per person

If you are feeling active and adventurous this is the hen activity for you. Feel the rush of the rapids, white water on the Vltava River just outside Prague. You and your hen group are in safe hands with all the necessary equipment and an...

From £51 / €58 per person

Hen activities should be all about girl power; embracing and celebrating the feminine, while not forgetting its control and supremacy. One way to get in touch with your inner strength on your hen trip to Prague is by trying your hand at shooting with our...

From £48 / €55 per person

Some hens want to stay in, paint their nails and gossip. Some hens want to get all dress up, go out and hire strippers. And some hens want to go to Prague and shoot AK-47’s. Sound like your kind of activity? Well you are in the...

From £40 / €45 per person

Dreamed of being a policewoman or fantasised about robbing a bank? Well hen trips are all about living out fantasies and making dreams come true so why not indulge in a spot of gun practice at a shooting range in Prague.

From £74 / €84 per person

Not everyone has what it takes to jump out of a plane. To experience the free-fall feeling of skydiving, without the plane and without the jumping, try out this indoor wind tunnel activity in Prague, where a professional instructor will take you...

From £23 / €26 per person

You've all heard of Staropramen. You usually get in down your local pub, but now on your hen do in Prague, you'll get the chance to go to the source and try the beer fresh out of the barrel.

From £30 / €34 per person

This is cops and robber with a new modern, high tech twist. You and your hen group will get to play three rounds of this fast-paced, high-octane laser tag game; chasing each other around the neon-lit gaming arena, hiding out in dark corners and preparing to...

From £46 / €52 per person

It may have stunning architecture, delicious food and a fascinating history, but Prague is not known for its beautiful weather so get ready for some indoor activities on your hen weekend. Whizzing around an indoor Karting track...

From £41 / €46 per person

So they say the sights of Prague are best enjoyed from the Vltava River, but we’re not sure you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the landmarks for the full 60 minutes of this private hen river cruise as the presence of your very own male stripper...

From £35 / €40 per person

The beauty of the stunning city of Prague is only enhanced when you see it from the Vltava River, and the beauty of the male form is only heightened when you see it naked, so why not combine these two pleasures with a 60 minute private river tour along with a male...

From £33 / €37 per person

Known for its picturesque beauty, Prague's stunning riverside location makes it a photographers dream city. A great idea for a relaxing hen activity is a River cruise past the capital's most spectacular landmarks on a boat stocked full of an unlimited selection of drinks.

From £50 / €57 per person

You’re hen do in Prague can be as relaxing and indulgent as it is fun and crazy with this special treat of an activity. The spa is waiting for you ladies, so get your fluffy bath robes ready and prepare for a three hour session of luxuriating in...

From £32 / €36 per person

After all that wild partying you’ll be doing on your hen do in Prague, you’ll need some time during the day to rest, relax and rejuvenate yourself in time for another round of drinking.

From £34 / €38 per person

A heavy night of hen style partying can leave any girl feeling aches and pains. Busting your best moves on the dance floor may have seemed a good idea at the time, but now you’re feeling it.

From £70 / €80 per person

Alright ladies are you ready to show us what you’ve got. Tank driving is not for the faint hearted and if you are the kind of girls who like to prove to the world that you can do anything the men can do, then this activity is for you.

From £16 / €18 per person

Prague is famous for its mysterious myths and legends and one great way to learn about this seductive side of the city is on a hen witch tour.

From £66 / €75 per person

Put all your doubts, fears and qualms aside for a minute and jump on the back of a powerful quad bike for this unique Quad Biking Hen Challenge in Prague. You know the stags would do it, so why not prove yourselves equal and indulge in some seriously empowering girl power.

From £46 / €52 per person

We’ve all heard of girly competitiveness, but it’s time to step it up a notch and get vicious with this full on paintballing hen activity in Prague. 200 paint-filled bullets should be enough to fully drench each other with. Don’t worry though all the safety equipment is provided...

From £19 / €21 per person

Everyone has a different bowling technique, maybe you prefer the underarm swing, perhaps you kick your leg out to the side like a pro, or maybe it’s a two handed between the legs job. Whatever your personal style is, you and your hen group are guaranteed a great...