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From £38 / €43 per person

You can get away from home but not from the game. What a perfect way to hype up the competition between you and your mates during your stag do. Hopefully you won’t only be scoring in a game of football though, so get in there son!

From £34 / €39 per person

The fire-fight the weather can’t spoil! Opt for indoor paintballing in Krakow and you’ll go head to head with your mates in a claustrophobic ex-storage facility where danger lurks around every corner and the fastest on the trigger wins!

From £31 / €35 per person

A little competitive exercise during the stag do won’t hurt. You may be no Ronaldo but scoring the winner will give you bragging rights throughout your stay.

From £39 / €44 per person

After a late night binge drinking session, there is no better cure for the morning after other than a detoxicating jaccuzi. You can follow that up with the different water rides available and getting served your beer by the poolside.

From £41 / €47 per person

Now we are talking. Our guide will escort you to Tychy where your group will tour a brewery and have a sample from selected beers and start the pre-drinking early on in the day.

From £34 / €39 per person

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for bubble football since it exploded onto the Stag scene in Krakow last year; and rightly so, it’s only one of the most hilariously fun and ridiculously...

From £42 / €48 per person

So you thought you’d travel to Krakow. That’s step one. Step two is to come out and play with these firearms and feel that adrenaline flow whilst pulling that trigger.

From £34 / €39 per person

Alright lads, we know that your stag do is all about the boys getting together to celebrate, but in this day and age of hipsters wearing skirts, gender fluidity and the dawn of the metro-sexual man, a day in the spa...

From £62 / €71 per person

So you’re feeling lucky, punk?  Take aim at one of our shooting packages and get your hands on some serious firepower during your stag do in Krakow.  Test your skill on moving targets or grip it and rip it with a Glock 9mm Carbine.  

From £56 / €64 per person

Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest concentration and extermination camp built by the Nazis during World War II, became the world known symbol of the Holocaust and Nazi crime.

From £38 / €43 per person

Did you know that the first machine to be called a bicycle was actually the Penny Farthing, and did you know that Krakow is one of the only places in the world that you can actually learn to ride one of these...

From £53 / €60 per person

We know, we know. Krakow has the most bars per capita than any other city in the world, but rather than impossibly trying to have a pint in all of them, why not spend an afternoon relaxing on a Krakow River Boat Cruise...

From £83 / €95 per person

Enjoy some 4-play with us! Roads are so limiting… All those lines, traffic and learner drivers. With our Krakow off-road challenge you’ll rediscover the joy of driving in a vehicle capable of knocking down pesky obstacles like...

From £33 / €37 per person

Want to test how much of a man your stag really is? Take him out into the Polish wilderness and unleash a trained attack dog on him and see how he handles the situation! 

From £79 / €90 per person

These mad machines appeal to the badly-behaved kid in all of us, and if you and your mates want to experience some serious horsepower, these bikes are the real deal.

From £40 / €45 per person

Make a splash in Krakow with this high adrenaline activity. We’ll take you out of the city to Krakow’s Olympic 350m man-made rapids course on the River Vistula, and then stick you on a small inflatable dinghy armed with little...

From £40 / €45 per person

Sick of the speed cameras and traffic jams? Here’s the perfect antidote. Spend the afternoon letting loose in turbo-charged go-karts. Hear the roar of finely tuned engines, smell the fuel and then overtake your mates with outrageous maneuvers....

From £47 / €53 per person

Welcome to the AK47 and co experience!  It’s time to wheel out the big guns including the Ak 47, Glock, Uzi and the Shotgun.

From £45 / €51 per person

Fancy a shoot out in an abandoned warehouse in the sketchy socialist suburbs of Krakow? Awesome, we thought you’d like this one! In the Airsoft Gun experience you’ll take on your mates using replicas of real guns...

From £33 / €37 per person

There’s nothing worse than being trapped in a tiny boat, away from the safety of terra firma, with only your ugly mates for company. Well, this is no ordinary boat cruise if you opt it to be.

From £9 / €10 per person

Your stag do abroad is a perfect time to really splash the cash, so why not try and at least win some back on a crawl of the best casino’s in town. In true “last night of freedom” style celebration, you and your stag group will be granted free...

From £22 / €25 per person

How does this sound for a slap-up stag do worthy meal: craft beers, marinated roast pork knuckle served on a spit with traditional Polish bread, mustard, pickles and horseradish?

From £43 / €49 per person

Whichever genius first came up with the idea of combining chowing down on succulent steaks, with watching a sexy strip show, deserves a medal in our book.

From £43 / €49 per person

Mix one part sexual foodie fantasy and one part wasabi to add spice to your stag party’s night!  Throw away those chopsticks and pluck a variety of sushi and sashimi straight from a gorgeous platter for a truly unique dining...

From £22 / €25 per person

Let’s face it boys, a stag do abroad can easily be all about drinking and going wild, but before the drunken debauchery really begins, why not kick off your stag do in Krakow the right way, with a celebratory dinner for the groom...

From £17 / €19 per person

Get the Goodfellas treatment with this option to jump the queue and head straight to your reserved table in one of Krakow’s hottest nightclubs.

From £45 / €51 per person

Ok, so this will be the one that when you go back home from your stag do that the lads will definitely be talking about. We got it all in this activity -  beers, oil, babes and...

From £21 / €24 per person

Consider yourself a big shot when it comes to the test. Well hats off to you if you can pass this one. We have lined up a centrally located venue where you and your buddies can test your resilience when you will be drinking shot after...

From £34 / €39 per person

We all know men like a really nice juicy steak, so satiate your palettes with a delicious, meat lovers Steak Dinner on your stag do in Krakow.

From £18 / €20 per person

You could take your chances with the local ladies in a nightclub but, whereas you’re one handsome devil, your mates look like the love litter of Quasimodo and Susan Boyle. With this stag night package our female guide will take you on a bar crawl...

From £34 / €38 per person

Imagine the full bling of the Limo experience but with tonnes more space for rocking while you’re rolling… the Stag Clubbing Bus is pimped out with all the luxury of a top class limousine but also boasts 3000W...

From £14 / €15 per person

Krakow has more pubs and bars than any other city in Europe, but it also has an epic selection of strip clubs hosted by ladies who will literally make you drool.

From £28 / €32 per person

We have put together all in one package all that you hoped for in a stag do. So hows about a 2 course meal a couple of pints accompanied by a saucy strip show that will leave you drooling and hungry for more before your big night out in Krakow....

From £39 / €44 per person

All aboard for this mobile disco that will get the party started in style. You’ll take a 1 hour rumble through Krakow (from the Jewish Quarter to the main Square and back) in a pimped-up 60's tram that will have the locals green with envy, whilst...

From £11 / €12 per person

Does your stag have a serious sense of humour, or perhaps a fetish for the larger lady? Why not tickle his fancy, and guarantee a laugh for the group, by hiring out a Fat Stripper to come and entertain you with her moves?

From £11 / €12 per person

If you are planning to make it your duty to make sure you prank your stag in the most hilariously outrageous way during your stag do in Krakow, this add on is the one for you.

From £11 / €12 per person

Now what is a stag do without the scent of a stripper? A three to four song strip shows is enough to get you drooling. Can be added just about anywhere but we recommend the following:

From £16 / €18 per person

Now add on a little spice. This can be added to the airport transfer or just about any activity that involves transportation!

From £14 / €16 per person

Ever checked in to a hotel on holiday and have the neighbors complain about the noise? Sure you did. Now did you ever have the neighbor complain and then strip for you? Sure you didn’t!

From £28 / €32 per person

The Hummer is definitely the new limo. This beast of the road is neither subtle nor understated, and arriving into Krakow in one of these bad boys brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “making an entrance”....

From £36 / €41 per person

So you’ve just arrived into Krakow airport, suitcases crammed with the ultimate necessities for a wild stag trip, party hats and team t-shirts. What next? How about being swept off in a luxury hummer...

From £28 / €32 per person

There is something almost throne like about sitting up in the lofty heights of a Hummer, so why not indulge in a special one hour tour of the city from the luxurious surroundings of this exclusive motor kingdom. Pop the two...

From £28 / €32 per person

It’s not your high-school prom, and you’re not about to strut down a red carpet, but the groom deserves that special little extra on his stag trip. Get smoothly transported from the airport to central Krakow in a...

From £36 / €41 per person

This is your mate’s stag do and he deserves the best! Turn the usually tedious business of getting from the airport to your hotel into one of the highlights of the weekend by booking a luxury limo ...

From £23 / €26 per person

For your convenience why not have a us escort you to your accomodation. We won’t come empty handed but you’ll be having a guide to escort you and a 1 beer per person at pick up.