Wed, 2017-04-19 14:21
Don’t forget you were chosen for a reason – not just because of your close personal relationship with the bride, but also for your organisation, energy, supportive personality and dynamic go get...
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Europe aside, what if you were to indulge your imagination and ponder upon those destinations that are further afield for your stag do?
Thu, 2017-03-23 16:39
Budapest is an ideal option for a groups get away for a hen weekend abroad. Hens who do decide to embark on the adventure that is the Hungarian capital, soon discover that the city has plenty to...
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There is an intimidating number of things to take into consideration when choosing this momentous piece of jewellery so we’ve prepared the ultimate guide to how to choose the perfect engagement ring
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We’ve compiled a list of points and tips to save you from guestbook writers block, or worse, from writing something you’ll regret later. Behold, the Eventhuse Wedding Guestbook guide
Wed, 2017-02-22 18:27
There are all kinds of stag groups. One of our favourites are the adrenaline seekers, who go abroad in pursuit of exciting and thrilling activities.