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From £16 / €18 per person

Knock Knock! Room Service!

From £16 / €18 per person

Picture this: You’ve just landed in Bucharest for your stag do and the boys are pumped and ready for action. You’re already a couple of pints in from the airport and you’re looking forward to a few more once you arrive in the city. Suddenly on...

From £34 / €39 per person

What is hotter than a sexy scantily clad female giving you a personal erotic show? Two sexy scantily clad females of course! Oh and did we mention they’ll get hot and heavy with the girl-on-girl action!

From £28 / €32 per person

Bubble football is the latest craze taking Romania by storm, and as luck would have it, it is perfect for stag dos. Two teams of five, insert themselves head first into giant inflatable balloons, and then proceed to play football...

From £38 / €43 per person

If there is any time and any activity where you want to get one over your mates, well this is it. Not only...

From £47 / €53 per person

You’ve got the uni mates on one side and work colleagues on the other, and in the middle are a hotch potch of brothers, uncles, dad’s and cousin’s. You need something to break the ice.

From £13 / €14 per person

Tailored to your stag party’s preference of pubs and bars and guided by our local expert, let yourself loose in Bucharest on a pub crawl. From pubs with terraced gardens to down and dirty dives,...

From £43 / €49 per person

Got a need for speed? Then during your stag do you have got to try Autocross. Get your mates to the off road track and time yourselves driving between a VW Golf GTI and a BMW E26. You have 10 minutes to do as...

From £17 / €19 per person

Want to party in Bucharest like a real expert? then let us show you the ropes on this amazing Bar Crawl with 3 beers on the house.

From £18 / €20 per person

Ever dreamed of being inside that video game you’ve been playing for weeks? Well now is your chance with the latest interactive puzzle to hit the big cities of London, New York and…...

From £23 / €26 per person

Why not have a mini-tournament of Bowling amongst yourselves and introduce your own prizes and penalties. This activity provides a great opportunity to raise the stakes during your stag weekend.
We top off the competition with burgers and a...

From £23 / €26 per person

If there is one thing that we have learnt during our time organising stag do's is the love our groups have for beer. So why not make an activity of it and get comfy with a taste from 9 different Craft Beers and a beer expert providing you with...

From £21 / €23 per person

Now let us get the party going on your stag do in Bucharest. The city’s vibrant and diverse nightlife scene provides a plethora of options for stag groups regardless of their tastes and styles.

From £29 / €33 per person

Unleash the warrior within and enjoy a wide range of high-intensity scenarios on your stag party in Bucharest. Full of fast and furious action that’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping we’ve got games for every level of play....

From £29 / €33 per person

Bucharest isn’t always the warmest city to have your stag do abroad. But what it lacks in friendly winter weather conditions, it more than makes up for in awesome indoor stag activities like indoor paintball.

From £34 / €38 per person

Why just go on a regular, run-of-the-mill bar crawl while on your stag do in Bucharest? Why not go all out, do something crazy and extra special that will ensure your groom-to-be remembers this trip for the rest of his life.

From £45 / €51 per person

So you’re feeling lucky, punk? Take aim at one of our shooting packages and get your hands on some serious firepower during your stag in Bucharest

From £12 / €13 per person

Karaoke is without a doubt, one of the most hilarious and ridiculous stag activities you can indulge in on your stag do in Bucharest. What better way to spice up a night out in town, than by pissing yourselves as your groom gets up on stage and...

From £16 / €18 per person

Want to get a proper feel of what Bucharest has to offer once the day goes to bed and the night comes out to play? A great way to sample a selection of the top watering holes while on your stag do abroad is to go...

From £16 / €18 per person

Toast your stag and get him roasted in proper Romanian fashion on this guided tour. Ever heard of the alcohol Palinka? It’s guaranteed that you’ll never forget this delicious spirit after this night!

From £65 / €74 per person

Stag do’s are all about living your fantasies before the ball and chain locks you down for good, but fantasies don’t always have to include smoking hot, scantily clad chicks covered in baby oil. Remember those childhood games of...

From £20 / €22 per person

The ultimate night out on your stag party in Bucharest. Party from sundown to sun-up and experience the wild side of nightlife. Beer, babes, and brilliant fun…what more could you ask for?

From £13 / €14 per person

When you travel abroad nightlife can often be one of the best keys to discovering what really makes a city tick. Finding the best clubs and bars can take a bit of inside information though, which is why on your stag night out in...

From £10 / €11 per person

Looking for convenience? Our guide will escort you from the airport to your accommodation and make sure you're all checked in and ready to kick of the stag do.

From £67 / €77 per person

It’s one of our most popular stag packages in all our other destinations around Europe, and now we’ve brought it to Bucharest for your ultimate entertainment and...

From £60 / €68 per person

So you’re feeling lucky, punk? Take aim at one of our shooting packages and get your hands on some serious firepower during your stag do weekend in Bucharest

From £33 / €37 per person

Skip the queue and head straight to your reserved table in the VIP section of one of Bucharest’s most popular dance clubs on your stag do.  

From £42 / €48 per person

If you want to live out your boyhood dreams of staring down the barrel of a gun, taking aim and firing at your target, this is the stag activity for you. We’ll take you and your group to Bucharest’s top indoor shooting range...

From £55 / €63 per person

There are always the stag do's that want to go all out for their mates last night of freedom. We might just have the right mix that would surely fit the bill.

From £70 / €80 per person

Your stag do in Bucharest is the perfect opportunity to just let the boys be boys without being judged or nagged. If you and your stag group like the idea of living on the edge and playing with dangerous guns...

From £20 / €22 per person

Why not just sit back and enjoy your stag do and let us arrange your two-way airport and hotel transfer? We will even appoint you a guide to welcome you to the lovely city of Bucharest!

From £27 / €31 per person

A little known fact about Romania is that the country is something of an emerging wine hub and produces a robust and reputable selection of reds, whites and rosés.

From £23 / €26 per person

Start your stag do in Bucharest as you mean to go on, with a proper slap up meal with the boys. You’ll be treated like kings and served up top notch 2 course meal and the best local draught beer.

From £34 / €38 per person

What happens on the stag weekend stays on the stag weekend right? Well if you go abroad for your stag do it is suddenly all the easier to shrug of the shackles of real life, and delve deep into the depths of full...

From £67 / €77 per person

Before you get stuck into the heavy beer drinking on your stag do in Bucharest, why not spend an afternoon playing with handguns and firearms!

From £28 / €32 per person

Enjoy some of the finest cuts of beef on the continent with a table reservation at one of Bucharest’s finest restaurants.  Served the way it’s been ordered, without fail, and that little touch of ceremony every good steak...

From £37 / €42 per person

What better way to see which of the stag group really has his eye on the birds than a day of outdoor clay pigeon shooting in Bucharest. No actual pigeons get harmed during this activity, instead, clay targets or...

From £27 / €31 per person

Culinary delights await the serious foodie in Romania. No stag party can be complete without a delectable three-course meal in one of Bucharest’s most popular and elegant restaurants. Whether you...

From £7 / €8 per person

It’s a full house of table games, slots, card games, drinks, and entertainment on your stag in Bucharest. Located in the heart of the Romanian capital, experience the appeal of a casino that feels more like a...

From £33 / €37 per person

We knuckled down and thought about how we could improve on some of our classic stag do activities in Bucharest and we came up with the evolved stag do strip club experience.

From £25 / €28 per person

The VIP treatment begins from the moment your stag touches down in Bucharest. Greeted at arrival, let us transfer the baggage to your hotel while you sip champagne in the back of a stretch. Start...

From £12 / €13 per person

Now it wouldn't be a proper stag do if we were to exclude this main event. Get ready for the night out and make a stop at the strip club where you'll be greeted with a welcome drink and treated to an ongoing show. No need to go...

From £22 / €25 per person

Fast paced, all-out action awaits you on your stag in Bucharest. Re-live your favorite sci-fi battles in our Laser Combat Game.

From £54 / €61 per person

Taking it to another level is what we are about and we take the phrase 'last night of freedom' to a whole new level. Treat the stag to this x-rated action with the Gold Package Strip Club whilst in ...

From £22 / €25 per person

The whole of Bucharest will know that the boys are in town when you rock up in a limousine to begin the nights adventures. Set the benchmark high and start as you mean to go on, travelling in style on your...

From £39 / €44 per person

On your stag do in Bucharest, you’ll be partying hard and drinking all night, so spending a day at Therme Spa, which just happens to be the biggest spa in Europe, will be a welcome way to recover...

From £29 / €33 per person

Start your night out on the town right by rolling up in the flashy Hummer Limousine.  The interior is huge, so if you happen to make a few new friends at the club you’re still good to go.  Whatever the occasion, a Hummer...

From £40 / €45 per person

If there are three things that we KNOW you stags love, its good food, lots of booze and hot women taking their clothes of – so we’ve combined the threen this triple whammy Bucharest stag combo.

From £30 / €34 per person

You’ve been on the bottle in a big way since the beginning of your stag weekend, now it’s time to take stock of the damage to your brain cells, have a break from the booze and get rested, refreshed and revitalized with a ...

From £46 / €52 per person

Enjoy a fantastic three-course dinner on your stag weekend in Bucharest in a private room of a restaurant followed by a performance that’s sure to whip your stag into shape for the rest of the party!

From £19 / €21 per person

If its football you like, then its football you’ll get! And we highly recommend this five-a-side-football activity, as an invigorating and energetic way to bond with your mates during your stag do in Bucharest....

From £15 / €17 per person

With all that cheap beer you’ll be guzzling and delicious traditional Romanian food you’ll be devouring, you might want to work off the extra calories during your stag do in Bucharest. Well fret no more; we’ve come up with the...

From £149 / €171 per person

Your groom is about to jump head first into the biggest adventure of his life, why not give him some practice on your big stag weekend in Bucharest with an adrenalin pumping Tandem Sky Diving day activity...

From £19 / €21 per person

Its summer, the sun is shining, you are in Bucharest for your stag do, what better way to spend then day than lounging poolside at an awesome pool party full of gorgeous scantily clad women.

From £35 / €40 per person

For the more active and adventurous stags out there, wakeboarding is a must-try activity to really spice up your stag do in Bucharest.

From £11 / €12 per person

They say that according to the stag do rules, anything goes. Whether you are into hilarious stag pranks, public nudity, or getting down and dirty in the strip club, you are allowed to go all out. With this in mind, we offer our stag groups in...

From £34 / €38 per person

Who could possibly say no to a fun filled day out at the waterpark with all your boys? Nothing beats running around like big kids, queueing for vertiginous water slides, pigging out on greasy waterpark burgers and beers at lunch time and then...

From £67 / €77 per person

You can’t come all the way to Bucharest for your stag do without learning something about the countries rich and fascinating history which includes the legendary story of Count Dracula.

From £15 / €17 per person

Not your everyday sightseeing tour as you discover Bucharest’s hidden parts. We leave the major landmarks for you to check out in your own free time. Through the unique alternative tour, you will feel the city’s dynamic expressed...

From £17 / €19 per person

Did you know that communism was here for more than 40 years? So no wonder Bucharest is full of “souvenirs” from this not so long ago period. Take your group and get the lowdown on how communism shaped Romanian society...