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From £26 / €29 per person

Bridge Swinging is basically the new bungee jumping, but rather then jumping with an elastic rope which will bounce back when it reaches its maximum pull, with bridge jumping you swing in a pendulum motion, that guarantees not only safety and...

From £19 / €21 per person

Slovakia is not only famous for its gorgeous women, it’s also famous for its awesome beers, and if there is one thing we know about stag groups, it’s that they love a good brewskie.

From £18 / €20 per person

Fancy sweating it out on the five-a-side footie pitch for an hour or so of unadulterated, lads time?

From £45 / €51 per person

As the name might suggest, Footgolf is a precision sport which combines football and golf in one fun-filled activity for stag groups who like a bit of action. Instead of running around a pitch trying to kick the ball in your opponent’s goal, you’...

From £41 / €46 per person

If bubble football doesn’t make you absolutely piss yourself laughing, we don’t know what will.

From £23 / €26 per person

Now before you get all macho on us, listen to all the amazing things that are included in this day spa experience.

From £40 / €45 per person

The Thai’s really know their stuff when it comes to massage. It’s also not one of those soft and gentle massages that will make you fall asleep on the table.

From £29 / €33 per person

We all still have an inner child living deep in our souls just waiting to come out to play and with our High Ropes Adventure in Bratislava, your stag group will get the chance to indulge that inner child and enjoy some seriously fun-fuelled play...

From £34 / €39 per person

Remember laser tag from back in the day when we were all innocent fun-loving kids and social media didn’t exist?

From £41 / €47 per person

For the stag group on a tight budget, we can offer some all-time classic stag activities such as Go Karting at a reduced price to fit your needs.

From £8 / €9 per person

You’ve all seen The Hangover films, right? Well, there is a reason that casinos have become such an iconic part of so many stag dos.

From £49 / €56 per person

You can’t go wrong with go-karting and if you are looking for an activity that the whole group will enjoy, this is the one.

From £40 / €45 per person

Bratislava has a fascinating World War II history and the country has the old abandoned bunkers as proof. How about combining a spot of history, with a whole lot of fun on this World War II Buner Tour with Shooting activity on your stag do in...

From £12 / €13 per person

Although Bratislava has become famous on the stag scene for its amazing array of day activities, the city by night offers up an equally exhilarating environment for stag groups who like to party.

From £32 / €36 per person

Paintball! The ultimate stag activity. It’s fun, it’s competitive, it’s active and it’s entertaining.

From £22 / €25 per person

Ready to get the party started on your stag do in Bratislava? The city’s vibrant and diverse nightlife scene is a veritable playground of options for stag groups of all tastes and styles, and on our exclusive four-hour Booze Night pub crawl, we...

From £21 / €24 per person

Bratislava won’t know what hit it after this epic five-hour, Booze Night pub crawl around the city’s finest night spots, top clubs and most exclusive strip joints.

From £42 / €48 per person

Running around a field wearing ridiculous camouflage onesies, whilst trying to shoot the opposite team with little round pellets full of paint that will burst on impact. Sound like fun!

From £26 / €29 per person

Are you ready to make your stag do in Bratislava that bit more epic? We are truly committed to making sure your stag event is the best it possibly can be which is why we have introduced the VIP Bratislava Night bar and pub crawl to take your...

From £40 / €45 per person

If it’s only the best for you and your stag group, this epic shooting activity in one of Bratislava’s newest and most modern shooting ranges is the one for you.

From £25 / €28 per person

One of the best things about going abroad for your stag do, is that you are suddenly able to experience so many new things that may not be available to you at home. Embrace all things new, weird and foreign about Bratislava with a three-hour pub...

From £46 / €52 per person

You don’t have to be pro-guns to enjoy the absolute feeling of adrenalin that comes from holding and shooting these powerful weapons. Now get ready, aim… FIRE!             ...

From £8 / €9 per person

Ready to hit the town? Our local experts know Bratislava better than its most seasoned party animals so come for a night out with us and you are guaranteed to visit only the best nightclubs in the city.

From £51 / €58 per person

Do you and the lads know your way around a gun already, or are you just fans of these powerful weapons? For the real gun enthusiast, this shooting activity is perfect to satiate your hunger!

From £61 / €70 per person

Your stag do in Bratislava can be an awesome opportunity to learn something new, but rather than opting for a useful lesson that you can apply to your daily life once back home, why not learn something extraordinary, something unique and...

From £18 / €20 per person

A stag do should be about doing things you might not usually do at home, so instead of just heading out to the club for a night of dancing and drinking with the famously good looking Slovak chicks, treat yourself to VIP status and you’ll get...

From £79 / €90 per person

Fancy handling some heavy artillery during your stag do in Bratislava? Sounds like an odd question, but actually, our hardcore Heavy Gun Shooting activity is proving to be one of the most popular.

From £12 / €13 per person

What would a stag do be without a lap dance for the groom-to-be and his boys? Incomplete we say, which is why we have scoured Bratislava for its classiest joints, where your group are guaranteed to find the sexiest ladies waiting to tease and...

From £47 / €54 per person

Most people haven’t even heard of Hydrospeeding yet and that is because this crazy activity is only for those with a serious yearning for a hit of extreme sport adventure. You’ve seen surfers body boarding in the sea right?

From £29 / €33 per person

One lap dance club isn’t enough for you, is it? Well look no further because we’ve got just the thing for you. Instead of just enjoying one club full of gorgeous, half naked women; we will take you on a three-hour tour of three of Bratislava’s...

From £34 / €38 per person

Get in touch with Slovakia’s old medieval roots with an authentic four-course medieval dinner.

From £49 / €56 per person

Escape Rooms are currently one of the stag scenes most popular recent additions and in Bratislava they’ve taken the concept to the next level, with 12 themed rooms to get through, spooky professional sound, awesome visual effects, gadgets and...

From £34 / €39 per person

When it comes to heading out for a nice big lad’s dinner during your stag do in Bratislava, you need to make sure you make it an evening that not only the groom-to-be will remember for the rest of his happily married life!

From £60 / €68 per person

Don’t be fooled by the name, only the really hardcore adrenalin junkies need apply for this seriously exhilarating House Running activity, which will see you and your stag group essentially run down the face of an 110m high tower.

From £47 / €53 per person

What could possibly be better than a night of steak, beer and lesbians getting it on in front of you?

From £47 / €53 per person

Lucky for you boys, Slovakia is home to some pretty epic badass rapids that are the ideal location for stag groups who like adrenalin and action packed extreme sporting experiences.

From £26 / €29 per person

Ordering multiple rounds of shots at the bar is almost a pre-requisite for any stag do anywhere. Let’s face it, it’s a sure-fire way to make sure the groom-to-be gets drunk and who doesn’t like a shot! Well, we’re taking shot drinking to the next...

From £27 / €30 per person

Ah, how we love a good stag prank! Nothing like it really, it makes our day. The surprised faces, the hysterical laughing and the lads banter that ensues!

From £51 / €58 per person

Quad biking by itself is awesome fun, but – because we know what you stag groups are like – we decided to add an element of competition into the equation to bring the activity up a notch on the fun scale!

From £54 / €61 per person

Stags listen up – how do you like the sound of watching on while two completely naked female wrestlers fight it out in a pool of slippery mud?

From £83 / €95 per person

Your stag do in Bratislava is about to reach all new levels of epicness with this adventurous, adrenalin filled activity to thrill even the hardest of men.

From £54 / €61 per person

Are you ready for the ride of a lifetime? We offer a unique chance to ride in an authentic 13.5 tonne armoured vehicle with a professional driver, to feel for yourself what it’s like to be in one of the world’s most indestructible, and...

From £14 / €16 per person

One of the best things about stag does is not only do you get to travel abroad for an epic no-rules-apply holiday with all your best mates, but you also get the perfect excuse to book a female stripper for the groom-to-be of course!

From £20 / €22 per person

Why not make your life easier and let us take care of you from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave Bratislava.

From £80 / €91 per person

You know those mega hardcore armoured cars you see on the news or in war films? Ever wanted to experience riding in one yourself?

From £23 / €26 per person

Body Eating is much less cannibalistic then it sounds. No, don’t worry, you won’t actually be eating any bodies; however, you will get to eat delicious sweet treats straight off the naked body of a stunning female stripper.
Although the...

From £35 / €40 per person

Have you been in a Limo? Well, just in case you haven’t let us tell you that it is quite possibly the most extravagantly luxurious and pimped transfers. 

From £42 / €48 per person

With all the running around and indulging in fun-filled, action-packed, adrenalin-fuelled activities during your stag do in Bratislava, you’ll all need a day where you take a more relaxed approach to life in the Slovakian capital. Instead of the...

From £14 / €16 per person

We’ve all experienced a touch of the old ‘Morning Glory’. Waking up after a good night’s sleep with some of your body parts standing to attention for no real reason!
Well, how about you give the stag a real reason to stand to attention...

From £62 / €71 per person

Beautiful Bratislava is ideally located along the famous River Danube making it the perfect stag destination for a spot of boating along the water and enjoying the sights of the city on your own private one-hour boat cruise.