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From £114 / €130 per person

Stunning sunsets, beautiful turquoise bays and fabulous fun await your hen party as you cruise the Mediterranean Sea.  Celebrate her upcoming nuptials in style as you live the high life with this activity.

From £48 / €55 per person

What’s not to love about a boat party? Hordes of hot semi-naked men dancing around in swimming trucks while a sick DJ spins awesome funky house; hip-hop; R&B; drum n’ bass; breakbeats; jungle and bashment tracks for your hen group’s listening pleasure.

From £48 / €55 per person

Avast me beauties and bilge rats! It’s time for your hen party to set sail for high adventure on the Protaras Pirate Boat. Get plenty of grog at the open bar on your boat party as the four-hour tour takes in the stunning sites along the coast. Snorkel in the...

From £64 / €73 per person

Set your pulses to 200 bpm with this adventure activity on your hen weekend in Ayia Napa.  Rip up the countryside on these powerful machines and experience the thrills of off-road racing at its very best.

From £34 / €39 per person

Group bonding on your hen trip to Ayia Napa is all very well but save it for the drunken shot drinking games and the cosy hen dinners.

From £38 / €43 per person

A quad bike can be a beast of a machine to handle but that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing all the thrills an off-road adventure can offer you and your hen weekend.  Ride with a mate on a buggy and enjoy some peace of mind.

From £47 / €53 per person

Ayia Napa is well known for its sun, sandy beaches and chilled out atmosphere. So lets live it up a little for the hen weekend and treat the hen group its own private hired speed boat with a wakeboard and water skiis?

From £46 / €52 per person

This unique underwater adventure activity gives your hen party the opportunity to observe sea life on the seabed.  Walk confidently along the sea floor unimpeded by restricting regulators or snorkels as you hand-feed fish and enjoy a truly...

From £21 / €23 per person

Put your team spirit to the ultimate test on your hen do in Ayia Napa, with a trip down to the Escape Rooms. The latest craze to hit the major capitals and cities across Europe, the Escape Rooms are an amazing way to get all the hens to bond, work together and have fun.

From £44 / €50 per person

Lie back, close your eyes and feel the tension melt away as a professional massage therapist gives your 45 minutes of their undivided attention.

From £44 / €50 per person

Ladies, ladies, ladies, Ayia Napa may be a hen party paradise, but you’ll never be ready for a big night out on the tiles if you are still sporting yesterday’s hangover.

From £34 / €38 per person

The hen do is one of the most important milestones of a bride-to-be’s life. Surrounded by all of her favourite people in the world, all there to celebrate her and her upcoming wedding, this is undoubtedly a moment she will want to remember forever.

From £28 / €32 per person

Sail high above the surf on this adventure activity that exudes the feelings of freedom and exhilaration.  Offers your hen party unparalleled views of tranquil, scenic Ayia Napa.

From £41 / €46 per person

It’s pure adrenaline pumping excitement on this adventure activity on your hen weekend in Ayia Napa. Get ready to carve up those crystal blue waters, spin some donuts, and jump some waves on this jet ski thrill-ride.

From £61 / €69 per person

Don’t worry, we hadn’t heard of fly boarding until recently either. The newest addition to the wonderful world of water sports, fly boarding is way easier than it looks and double the fun.

From £40 / €45 per person

Have the Hen experience what a real leap of faith feels like with this exhilarating activity in Ayia Napa. Bungee jumping is perfect for daredevils and thrill seekers looking for an adrenaline high with one of the world’s most exciting extreme...

From £57 / €65 per person

Drinking your body weight in shots, dancing like crazy women and flirting with hot beach hunks is all very well, but if you want a once-in-a-lifetime experience on your hen weekend to Ayia Napa, try scuba diving at the spectacular Cape Greco....

From £32 / €36 per person

This is the perfect hen activity to raise a toast to the V.I.P. The fine people of Prime take you behind the scenes of their microbrewery to reveal what makes their brew the best on the island of Cyprus. Then it’s time to soak up some suds -...

From £36 / €41 per person

Every woman has an inner-Amazon warrior just waiting to break out. Unleash hell with a series of high-intensity scenarios on your hen party with this action-packed paintballing activity.

From £32 / €36 per person

Strap on some gear and get your soldier on.  Battles aren’t just for the boys anymore as these fast-paced combat drills get even the mildest-mannered hen frothing at the mouth for more action.

From £37 / €42 per person

Cool off and enjoy a bit of fun in the Mediterranean sun with a trip to the most thrilling aquapark in Ayia Napa. Experience the excitement of over 20 water rides or kick back and relax by the side of the pool with a cocktail in hand.

From £46 / €52 per person

You know that saying, “Life’s a Beach”?  Invented in Cyprus. Enjoy your day in the sun as you swim in crystal-blue waters, work on that perfect golden tan, and check out the local talent trying to catch your attention.